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Automotive exhaust after-treatment systems

A set of fundamental computational tools was developed which support a computer-aided engineering (CAE) methodology assisting the design optimization of catalytic exhaust after treatment systems for spark-ignition engined vehicles. The CAE methodology may also cover diesel exhaust systems.

The set comprises an exhaust system transient heat transfer code, a 3-way catalytic converter transient code, a catalytic converter ageing assessment code and a database containing kinetics and other information for a variety of catalyst formulations and washcoats. A full CAE methodology was developed, that may be exploited in the following directions:
3-way catalytic converter design optimization (geometry, position, formulation);
ageing assessment computations (design and assessment of fast ageing;
assessment and optimization of fast-light-off techniques;
on-board diagnostics (OBD II) for catalytic exhaust systems;
fuel injection management system optimization for best converter efficiency.


Tassos STAMATELOS, (Research Fellow)
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