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POET Result In Brief

Project ID: 318966
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Sweden

Educational research collaboration

An EU project plans to support researcher networking among certain European and non-European universities. Focused on inexperienced education researchers, results to date include collaborative exchanges, thus developing research skills.
Educational research collaboration
The EU-funded POET (Pedagogies of educational transitions) project is a researcher development project supported under the Seventh Framework Programme's (FP7) Marie Curie programme. The venture is intended to foster exchange and networking among five universities in Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland and Sweden.

The consortium aims to develop and transfer researchers' skills and knowledge and to promote collaboration. The project's research themes address educational topics.

Work during the first reporting period mainly involved fostering staff exchanges, for periods between one and three months. The focus was early-stage researchers and doctoral candidates from the partner institutions.

Results involve expansion of researcher knowledge. Research skills developed during the exchanges include spatial mapping, approaches to indigenous research, researching with complexity, and methods of critique and examination. Dissemination skills are also being improved.

Researcher collaborations have produced several presentations at conferences and symposia. Publications include a special issue of a journal and one book. The project also established the basis for ongoing collaboration, including a document outlining the principles of collaboration. The work has resulted in increased interest in undertaking collaboration. Other documents detail principles of indigenous research in early childhood education.

The POET project is helping researchers share their work with wider audiences. In addition, the resultant nurturing of researcher knowledge and skills will mean more significant research into the topic in the future.

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