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Optimizing computer controlled machining

The FIRES prototype enables the user to do the following:
design mechanical engineering components more quickly than with traditional computer aided design (CAD);
perform analyses on these models quickly and automatically (feature definitions, forces, temperatures, fixed points, etc are incorporated directly from the CAD model);
generate a process plan from the CAD model, quickly and automatically, showing the manufacturing processes required, and optimized according to specified criteria (eg time, cost);
alter the process plan according to shopfloor criteria;
automatically generate computer numerical control (CNC) data to manufacture the component, from the process plan;
simulate machining operations graphically on screen.

The 3 main modules: the feature-based modeller, the process planner and the analysis interface, are developments of existing software packages. The innovation is in the integration of these components via neutral data structures that use information models based on STEP resource models and application protocols.


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