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SEQUoiA Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: 307392
Źródło dofinansowania: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Kraj: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - SEQUOIA (A scalable quantum architecture)

SEQUiOA has made advances in coupling semiconductor quantum emitters to light using 'antennas' and discovered new ways to characterize and overcome the sources of noise or dephasing on the environment of a fragile quantum system. These discoveries are likely to be essential for future technologies based on the laws of quantum mechanics.


Eva Olszewska-Day, (European Research Manager)
Tel.: +44 131 451 3073
Faks: +44 131 451 3193
Adres e-mail
Numer rekordu: 181872 / Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2016-05-04
Źródło informacji: SESAM