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Project ID: 287600
Financiado con arreglo a: FP7-ENVIRONMENT
País: France

Exploitable results – Identification of Pressures, processes and impacts on SES open and coastal waters ecosystems - Gap Analysis on data and knowledge

Result description

Southern European Seas (SES) are analyzed for gaps on data and knowledge related to a list of key processes, pressures, and impacts. The Mediterranean Sea's hydrometeorological variability is well-described using a combination of existing databases and models; the availability and update of long time-series is stressed. Some of the gaps that have been found are; poor understanding of the Strait of Gibraltar's biogeochemistry, there is a complete lack of information for marine litter and noise there is a clear gap in the estimates of fluxes of N, P, and pollutants to the sea.

Result type

* Report

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