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Project ID: 630058
Źródło dofinansowania: FP7-PEOPLE
Kraj: United Kingdom

Periodic Report Summary 1 - CODEC (Cellular Network based Device-to-Device Wireless Communications)

The global work plan of the CODEC project has been split into four work packages (WPs) for a lifespan of two years. In the first year, all the proposed four WPs have been active, especially the following tasks were running:
1) Task 1.1 generic analytical framework: Task 1.1, started on Month 1, focused on developing an analytical framework for D2D communications in order to develop RM schemes under WP2 and WP3.
2) Task 1.2 characteristics modelling for virtual D2D nodes: This task, also started at Month 1, focused on abstract the characteristics of D2D nodes with the target of reaching Milestones 1.1) model of the characteristics of virtual D2D nodes for unicast, broadcast and multicast applications and D2D relays.
3) Task 2.1 RM in one cell environment: Based on the analytical framework achieved in WP1, with target of increasing the energy and the spectral efficiencies of the cellular networks, this task is dedicated to exploit RM schemes in a single cell environment.
4) Task 2.2 RM in multicellular networks: This task, started from Month 9, considered inter-cell interference in the RM with frequency being reused in different cells.
5) Task 3.1 extended analytical framework in FFR-based cellular networks: Task 3.1, started from Month 11, focused on investigating how to extend analytical framework into FFR-based cellular networks.
6) Task 4.1, started from Month 9, aims to develop a software-based test-bed for D2D communications

The detailed publishable summary is shown in the attached document for "Publishable Summary ".

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