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Periodic Report Summary 1 - ECODRY (Sharing Best Agroecological Practice for Resilient Production Systems in Dryland and Drought Conditions)

EcoDry – Sharing Best Agroecological Practice for Resilient Production Systems in Dryland and Drought Conditions
This joint exchange project aims to enhance understanding and share knowledge on strategies to build the resilience of farming systems to natural and man-made impacts in dryland and drought situations, including climate change, through collaboration of joint research and capacity building activities between participating universities. The specific objectives are as follows:
1. To identify and build a body of knowledge on innovative agroecological strategies to mitigate threats of natural and man-made nature for drylands and drought.
2. To build a network of expertise on agroecological innovations through workshops, conferences and seminars.
3. To provide opportunities for research on cutting-edge agroecological approaches in the natural and social sciences for postgraduate students.

The project partners comprise: Coventry University UK, University of Extremadura Spain, University of Yucatan Mexico, Stellenbosch University South Africa, and National Centre for Research and Development, Jordan. With the project running for three years from February 2014, cooperation and exchanges between the different research centres across three continents will enable the testing of different agroecological practices and research and extension techniques in different contexts. These will enable the construction of common methodologies and approaches to address the challenges of dry lands and drought which is especially necessary in the current scenario of global climate change.

Work performed and achievements so far:

Since project inception, the project has supported knowledge exchange trips for 25 Experienced Researchers and 6 Early Stage Researchers. The project Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy and Plan: “Participatory Research on Soil and Water Management and Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation 2014-16” was developed in collaboration with all project partners has been guiding the project. since inception. The project website can be viewed here: and a video description of the project and interviews with partners here:

Two International Workshops have taken place; the first on Agroecology, Water and Climate Change, in February 2014 at Coventry University, UK (see presentations at: and the second on
Water and Agroecological Practice for Resilient Production Systems in Dryland and Drought Conditions, at the Faculty of Business and Tourism, University of Extremadura, Spain, in March 2015

Other achievements include five peer-reviewed journal and book articles. Seminars and postgraduate teaching exchanges have been given, such as a lecture on markets for organic agricultural products at the University of Yucatan. One unexpected results has been the development of an Agreement of Collaboration between the National Commission of Water (CONAGUA), Yucatan Mexico, and the of the University of Extremadura, Spain.

Expected results include the finalisation and publication of five more research papers, the coordination of two more International Conferences, and the development of two research funding proposals to continue collaboration. In addition, and given that the project is only half way through its life, more unexpected results will emerge. Further, some results will only come to fruition after the project itself closes. This includes the dissertation of a doctoral research student. The socio economic impact of this project is expected to be significant, given that the improved management of water resources will enable regions to avoid both flooding and drought which at present has huge cost and social implications in both northern and southern countries.

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