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Periodic Report Summary 1 - CESAME (Cost Effective Superalloy for Advanced Modern Engine)

Project Context and Objectives:
A/Project Context
The requirements in term of noise and fuel consumption reduction lead to the developments of new engine technologies. Within this framework, Clean Sky ambition is to develop and promote all the technologies which can participate to enhance environmental performance of modern aircrafts.
Within that context, the metallurgical industry faces to new challenges due to the development of technologies for sustainable and green engines.
Aubert&Duval has been producing superalloys since the 60s. Since then, Aubert&Duval has become a major producer of engine disks, for all jet engine manufacturers around the world.
Aware of these evolutions, Aubert&Duval has worked to propose a new innovative superalloy avoiding isothermal process, named AD730™, able to answer to the evolutions of the market toward Green and Sustainable Engines. It has to be noticed that Aubert&Duval is the only company in Europe enough integrated to be able to design, elaborate, transform and heat treat a new superalloy such as AD730™. As it will be detailed in the state of the art, this alloy is capable of mechanical characteristics similar to U720Li, a well-known superalloy capable of working to high temperatures (up to 700°C), contrary to DA718 which can be limited for first rotor stages applications in the LPT of new engines.
Actually, these new engines will work at higher temperatures compared to classical engines. The breakout brought by AD730™ comes mainly from its unique cost properties combination. Moreover, this cast and wrought alloy can be forged under a classical hydraulic press, and does not require to be forged in an isothermal press. Aubert&Duval aims through that project to create a new 100%European made processing route for high temperature engine disks allowing cost and energy savings, compared to the classical U720Li processing route.

B/ Project Objectives
The main objective of the CESAME project is to demonstrate the industrial capabilities (higher properties and cost reduction process) of AD730™, new superalloy developed by Aubert&Duval, to substitute U720Li for disk applications in aero-engine.
To show that AD730™ alloy is a serious cost-effective solution to substitute U720Li alloy in the future gas turbine engines, several objectives should be achievable within the CESAME project and are summarized below:
- To demonstrate the capability of AD730™alloy to be manufactured at minimum cost compared to U720Li manufacturing process
- To demonstrate the final properties of the AD730™ parts after close die forging and heat treatment are at least similar to or higher than those of U720Li parts

Project Results:
The main work performed for each WP is summarized below :
WP1 – Management
- Had a fruitful kick-off meetings (October 2013)
- Completion of the Milestone MS1
- Organizing and attending monthly telcom meetings
- Had a fruitful review meeting (May 2014)
- Submission of the detailed project plan D1.1 (31 October 2013)
- Submission of the progress report Month 1-Month 6 D1.2 (31 March 2014)
- Submission of the progress report Month 7 – Month 12 D1.3 (October 2014)

WP2 – Development of a cost optimized melting process
- Optimized melting route was defined
- Two ingots with different size (20’’ and 25’’) were melted (submission of the deliverable D2.1)
- Validation of the milestone MS3

WP3 – Development of a cost optimized conversion process
- Optimized conversion route was defined
- Two 10’’ billets from ingots with different size (20’’ and 25’’) were converted (submission of the deliverable D3.1)

WP4 – Development of die-forging process and heat-treatment
- Design of the closed die forging process through modelling
- Design and fabrication of dies
- Closed die forging of 5 AD730™ parts (heat 1)
- Launch of fabrication of 2 U720 parts.

WP5 – Evaluation of microstructure, mechanical properties and internal flaws
- Definition of cut up plan

Potential Impact:
In the framework of this project, Aubert&Duval expects:
- to demonstrate that AD730™ alloy has the capability to become an alternative to the classical U720Li alloy regards manufacturing cost and mechanical properties
- to achieve the development of the optimal industrial processing route of the AD730 alloy
- to develop a 100% European made processing route for a new superalloy, AD730, designed to respond to the requirement of the aeronautic engine market in term of energy and cost saving.

To make full use of the results of the project, Aubert&Duval is eager to disseminate the results from this project as widely as possible and to maximize the commercial impact of the results through a strategic exploitation plan. The CESAME project will give a strong comparison of AD730 properties versus U720Li properties which could be published on scientific publications in order to share with the scientific community the knowledge learnt. Presentation of papers at specialized conferences is also envisaged. Moreover, machined AD730™ disks made on CESAME project could be kindly lent by Aubert&Duval to CSJU in order to be shown at specialized exhibitions to promote the success of this project.


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