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EMUVE Result In Brief

Project ID: 331084
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: United Kingdom

Post-crisis strategies to save Mediterranean coastal cities

The financial crisis halted real estate development, leaving cities along the Euro-Mediterranean coastline with abandoned lots and unfinished dwellings. An EU initiative proposed intervention systems and economic reactivation strategies for these degraded areas.
Post-crisis strategies to save Mediterranean coastal cities
The European sovereign debt crisis transformed once-promising tourist destinations into barren urban landscapes. The failure of public urban management models also contributed to this degradation. Planners, urban designers and policymakers now understand the need to rethink the urban framework together with a wide variety of stakeholders in order to deliver innovative strategies that will spur regional development.

To address this issue, the EU-funded EMUVE (Euro-Mediterranean urban voids ecology) project set out to introduce sustainable strategies for urban regeneration, recovery intervention and economic reactivation that involve local populations, government and businesses alike.

Project partners conducted eight case studies in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom to determine the effects of the economic downturn on urban degradation and how to overcome territorial abandonment processes.

The cases were then examined from various socio-political perspectives, including spatial organisation, programme strategies, regional economy and governance systems. This helped the EMUVE team to gain insight into past shortcomings, current struggles and how resilience and strong dynamics could serve as a springboard for successful future actions.

A book based on the case studies and overall project outcomes is under development.

EMUVE contributed solutions for neglected or underdeveloped spaces in various Mediterranean coastal cities. It should give a fresh impetus to the cause of revitalising socioeconomic development and getting rid of disconnected and fragmented cityscapes devoid of any urban continuity.

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Economic reactivation, EMUVE, Euro-Mediterranean urban voids, recovery intervention, urban degradation
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