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Project Context and Objectives:
The purpose of the Cleansky Arc Fault Detection project is to support safety in the proposed new higher power AC and DC electrical circuits designed for use in the More Electric Aircraft (MEA).The initial aim is to identify any unique attributes possessed by abnormal arcing when compared with normal background aircraft electrical noise. This has been achieved by conducting tests as described in SAE standard AS5692. The second stage of the project is to develop arc detection methods and produce modules that can identify abnormal arcing in the new MEA environment. The initial detector design has been produced and subjected to testing. The second, improved detector is in the design stage and will move into the prototype stage during the final part of 2012. The final stage of the project will be to test and validate the final packaged detector and supply to our lead partner ECE Zodiac Aerospace. Please see attached PDF

Project Results:
The first stage of the project; the arc fault environmental study has been completed. This involved the characterisation of arcs and recording of data. Due to the new test parameters required by the MEA environment; 230V AC variable frequency and 540V DC. Please see attached PDF.

Potential Impact:
The expected final result is the supply of demonstrator status arc fault detection devices that can be used in conjunction with the 'Iron Bird' demonstrator aircraft electrical power system.


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