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NANODEV Streszczenie raportu

Project ID: 318524
Źródło dofinansowania: FP7-PEOPLE
Kraj: Turkey


This file was submitted in the final report and is being attached in our periodic report as well.

NANODEV aims to test the advanced nanomaterials, i.e., nanoparticle including matrixes, nanocomposites, quantum wire arrays, functionalized nanoparticles, etc., in two of the most appealing applications that are “biosystems and solar energy” by assembling integrated nanodevices composed of such nanomaterials It is believed that the integrated devices in this newly formed interdisciplinary nanoplatform can be initially used for the identification of different biological components and scaling the technology to a miniaturized form that will allow its widespread use. In a parallel manner, already developed and modified nanomaterials in combination with the aid of the learned technique on their integration into thin films will also enable their use in the solar energy research. At the end of the project, a list of nanomaterials, their properties, their modification methodologies, the technique to use these raw materials in device parts, and actual data obtained from such important application areas will be gathered for the first time.

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