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UKRAINE Report Summary

Project ID: 641517
Funded under: H2020-EU.2.1.6.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - UKRAINE (UKraine Replication, Awareness and INnovation based on EGNSS)

Reporting period: 2015-01-01 to 2015-12-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The objective of the UKRAINE project, in line with GALILEO-3-2014 Call, are to foster application development through international cooperation and to create a broad acceptance of EGNSS in Ukraine, creating at the same time opportunities both for knowledge building and at commercial level. The contribution of the UKRAINE project with respect to the aforementioned objectives relates to the achievement of the following impacts:
- preparation of the Ukrainian aviation market to the extension of EGNOS
- support to the uptake of regulated EGNSS applications through the elaboration of a legislative roadmap - generation of innovative solutions for multimodal logistics and dangerous goods
- creation of business matchmaking opportunities for Ukrainian and EU companies
These impacts will be achived by a set of coordinated actions:
1. performing a study on integrating the Ukrainian legal framework to key European directives and regulations on EGNSS transport
2. working on aviation as the starting point for the extension of EGNOS to Ukraine, by a) preparing the ground for LPV procedures, b) working on GNSS signal monitoring and c) setting the required legal framework
3. innovating in the field of EGNSS tracking and tracing of Dangerous Goods and performing a pilot on multimodal freight transport
4. creating business matchmaking opportunities between EU and Ukrainian companies and engaging GNSS stakeholders through a contest on a multiconstellation receiver
5. disseminating results through pilots, demonstrators and an extensive communication campaign
The maximum possible involvement of Ukrainian stakeholders will be ensured by a) the direct involvement of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, the National Aviation University and the Technical Polytechnic of Kiev (KPI), b) the organization of events, matchmaking opportunities and contests targeting Ukrainian entities and c) the vision to release products on the Ukrainian market

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

"Work package 1: project management activities to coordinate EU and Ukrainian partners in the project have been implemented

Work Package 2: study on updating the Ukrainian legal framework to comply with key European directives and regulations on EGNSS in transport with the end objective of providing a recommended roadmap for legislative updates in the field of EGNSS applications. Work performed include:
1. Definition of the relevant applications: identification of the applications to prioritize in the domains of road, inland waterways, rail, aviation and multimodal logistics and to select those with highest potential for further analysis, based on a preliminary assessment of their market potential and of the likelihood of updating the legal framework.
2. Legal study to analyse the possible legislative actions necessary based on a review of the relevant EU legal basis on EGNSS, a review of the existing Ukrainian legal framework and a gap analysis on the elements required to update the Ukrainian framework so as to comply with EU regulations.
3. Strategy: strategy for updating the Ukraine legislative framework, assessing also which “soft” actions (e.g. awareness measures, etc.) to be developed to facilitate the update of the legislative framework and quantifying the socio-economic impact of the proposed updates through a cost-benefit analysis.

Work package 3: devoted to preparing the Ukraine aviation market as the entry point of the extension of EGNOS specifically addressing PBN and LPV procedures, GNSS signal monitoring and providing a business and economic assessment. Performed activities include:
1. EGNOS and PBN (GNSS) implementation and procedure writing workshop - to support Ukraine towards the implementation of EGNSS enabled operations in the civil aviation sector, in particular enhanced by EGNOS.
2. Generic material adaptation and framework conditions - adaptation of the generic guidance material developed by ICAO, aligned with Eurocontrol generic material, in support of APV procedures implementation in Ukraine.
3. Analysis of potential pioneer airdromes benefits from EGNOS implementation
4. Analysis of RIMS efficient implementation
5. Initial actiities on EGNSS Signal Monitoring in Ukrainian airports

Work Package 4: Dangerous goods and multimodal logistics. WP4 is documenting the existing market and needs in Ukraine, developing new products and performing a pilot project with end users validating new developed products. Performed and ongoing activities include:
1. In the framework of WP4100, a thorough market study has been done with regards to the GNSS chips available today. A second topic of investigation was the possibility to couple a gas sniffer, to the monitoring devices. Lastly, the study investigated the possibility to detect radio-activity with an Ovinto unit.
2. The next step for WP4 is the lab testing and then the end user testing of the solution. With regards to the lab testing, the expected conclusions have been validated: the new generation SBAS chips are quicker to find a first fix, and overall consume considerably less than the chips used in the Ovinto solution. Recommendations with regards to the ideal chip to choose were made based on the application priorities: quick TTFF, low battery usage, or optimal use of SBAS. The next phase of the pilot testing was to find an industrial partner to pilot test the solution. War-torn Ukraine has proven to be a particularly difficult environment to find industrial partners. However, in January 2016 an agreement was reached with Arcelor Mittal to equip some of their wagons with the multn-modalmonitoring device

Work Package 5: WP5 is devoted to the cross-promotion between the EU and Ukraine of space technologies and applications by creating networking and collaboration opportunities between relevant technology developers and local academia, incubators, research institutes and SMEs. Activities performed include:
1. A contest on EGNSS innovative ideas was organized by KPI. The Contest was forwarded to facilitate the development of applications using satellite navigation system through international collaboration and popularization of EGNSS in Ukraine, and was a part of International Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge". A report on the winners was created and related information published on the website.
2. Industry and technology assessment - in order to identify business matching needs, a database was created with key players in the areas of excellence in Ukraine in space technologies categorized by their core skills and solutions.

Work Package 6: WP6 comprises the communication and awareness activities of the UKRAINE project with the objective of raising awareness about the opportunities and benefits deriving from EGNSS and the outcomes of the project, as well as to engage potential users in various ways and obtain feedback. Activities performed in the first reported period include:
1. Production of a detailed plan for the dissemination and awareness campaign
2. Set-up and update of the project webpage
3. Creation of printable content to be disseminated at events and online
4. Production of press content for publication in both GNSS and industry-specific media, both online and traditional.
5. Organization of the first project events, including a workshop on Ovinto Monitoring solution for Dangerous Goods and a workshop on EGNOS and PBN implementation and landing procedures
6. Additional awareness activities, including participation to events, etc."

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

"Activities performed in WP2 are contributing to define a series of inputs for policymaking activities on EGNSS in Ukraine. If endorsed by high level decision makers, the suggest actions are expected to produce similar socio-economic benefits to the ones achieved by EU or international legislation (adoption of PBN in aviation, introduction of eCall, etc.).

The activities performed in WP3 are contributing to an extension of the PBN and EGNSS usage in aviation with special focus on Ukraine. The close cooperation with main stakeholders in the aviation community in Ukraine enables a significant knowledge gain for both sides. The activities included as well the Analysis of potential pioneer aerodromes benefits from EGNOS Implementation. The results of this activity have been highly appreciated by UkSATSE and will be taken into account when forming the next edition of a "Strategy and a roadmap of Performance Based Navigation in Ukraine for 2013-2025". An international airport Kyiv Zhuliany has been defined as the pilot Ukrainian airport for implementation of first PBN procedures. In addition the signal monitoring test measurements performed at Zhuliany airport further enhance the knowledge on opportunities as well as threats related to further development and adoption of PBN and EGNSS in aviation.

WP4 investigated the optimal use of GNSS and the European augmentation system EGNOS for hazardous and intermodal transports. The findings have contributed to generating serious interest from the Ukrainian industry in more performant monitoring of their transport assets. In order to maximise the performance, a lab test determined the optimised Time to First Fix, power consumption, and use of GNSS augmentation. The findings were then implemented in a pilot test with an 2 industrial partners, Arcelor Mittal and Unigran.

The activities performed in WP5 within the Contest on EGNSS innovative ideas have contributed to generating new concepts and idea for utilising EGNSS in various applications. These include:
- A compact and energy-efficient GNSS receiver for vehicles monitoring systems
- "Fuel Trans" - a platform for selling fuel to motor transport (through monitoring of remaining fuel through the use of Galileo system and EGNOS,
- Ideas for the Development of the technology for miniature satellite navigation system

Activities of WP6 Dissemination are contributing to raise awareness on the achievements of the projects, thus boosting the eventual impact."

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