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THUNDHUB Report Summary

Project ID: 684092

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - THUNDHUB (ThunderMaps HomeHub)

Reporting period: 2015-08-01 to 2016-05-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The objective of ThunderMaps’ HomeHub Horizon 2020 project is to develop a city-level communication platform that enables all public authorities in a city to make geo-targeted (personalized) mobile communication with citizens - making information and services easier to access and use.
Our technology sits at the intersection of GIS (mapping) software, process improvement software (smart process apps), and mobile + social communication.
This project takes synergies between these technologies and uses them to solve significant challenges which exist today for public authorities, including: presenting a unified ‘one face of government’ to citizens; offering a personalized user experience; increasing citizen engagement; increasing transparency; and reducing communication costs and environmental impact.
The solution is a scalable - easily replicable and easily deployed – SaaS solution, and it is globally relevant. The market for ‘smart city solutions’ like ours is strong. Independent analysts project it to grow to US$27.5 billion annually by 2023.
The expected impact of our project is significant in numerous dimensions, including: direct and downstream benefits for public authorities, businesses, and citizens; growth of the company and new job opportunities; strong likelihood of private investment to scale the business further; and the growth of this project beyond Europe.
Our experienced and passionate team, along with our project partners – who include eGovLab, Sweden’s Technical Research Institute (SP), Microsoft, and Smart Cities Council, will ensure the maximum success in the development and launch of this solution.
The end result of ThunderMaps’ HomeHub Horizon 2020 project will be a world-leading mobile-focused communication platform for cities, and a fast-growing, globally-scalable company with a sustainable, recurring revenue-based business. We’ll be well on the way to improving the relationship between citizens, business and public administrations

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

The major focus of work in the first reporting period can be grouped into five areas, all of which are vital parts to the project's success:
1. Solution development
2. Raising awareness about the project and solution (including creation of content to support these activities)
3. Identifying and moving forward with a pilot council (kommun)
4. Establishing systems, processes
5. Working with subcontractors to ensure their components of the project are on target, delivered

Following is a brief summary and main results around each of these five areas:

1. Solution Development
Development has progressed as hoped and we have managed to deliver a solution prototype which satisfies not only our technical and management team internally, but also the fist pilot customer who will be releasing the solution to their citizens in the coming month. Significant feature development work has been conducted and exciting work to connect real-time alerts from ten of Sweden's most interesting open data feeds has been conducted and work to connect more continues today.

2. Raising awareness
A huge effort was made close to the beginning of the project to launch a new website content, launch a blog, create new digital and printed marketing material, new presentation material, and social media / advertising campaigns - all in the effort to raise awareness and interest in our project and work. Content was created in both English and Swedish. In addition we attended and held a speaking session at Sweden's largest public sector event.

3. Identifying and moving forward with a pilot
We were delighted to identify and come to agreement with our first pilot kommun almost three months ahead of planned schedule. We have managed to sign two more since and are progressing strongly towards the end of project targets.

4. Establishing systems and processes
The behind the scenes work of getting appropriate systems and processes in place to support the work outlined above is a notable mention in terms of work that had to be completed to make the project work move smoothly. This includes a lead qualification and management process for the business, which was a deliverable submitted earlier this year.

5. Working with subcontractors
Working with our subcontracting project partners - Swedish Technical Research Institute; eGovLab (Stockholm University), Microsoft and Smart Cities Council - to ensure their work has progressed on target has also been a notable piece of work conducted during the first reporting period. We are satisfied with the progress and the value we are getting from all of these subcontractors, and all of them are on target to deliver on or before set deliverable/milestone deadlines.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

"While reporting period two promises to be the most externally-focused part of the project (where the impact of our project and the solution will spread and broaden) we have already noted positive developments in the first period:

- We are the only company in the Swedish market (and any markets we are aware of) offering combined newsfeed and notification service from multiple authorities together in one service.

- In terms of impact we have received positive feedback from the first users who have downloaded the app in our first pilot kommun - Sotenäs Kommun. Around 200 have downloaded the app (it has only been soft launched for pilot/testing) and the overwhelming feedback has been positive and that the app is "welcomed".

- In terms of societal implications - we have received feedback and now see opportunity for other community groups to use this channel to promote events and activities taking place which help build community co-operation and togetherness.

- Another impact we are helping to push is more and more government agencies to make data not just open, but usable."

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