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Periodic Report Summary 2 - ENTEC (Enhancing the capacity for Environmental Technology and Climate Research)

Project Context and Objectives:
The specific objectives of EnTeC for INRaSTES remain the same as described in the Action Plan of Integrated Environmental technologies for Atmospheric pollution and Climate Research (AP-IECR), of Annex I and become realized to a great extent with the progression of the project. In more detail it becomes more evident than before that the project:
1. Enhances the research potential of INRaSTES, through targeted activities in specific research areas related to integrated atmospheric pollution and climate research.
2. Strengthens and diversifies the Research Portfolio on climate related research to ensure that INRaSTES becomes one of the pre-eminent institutions in the SouthEast Europe. Consolidates the ability of INRaSTES to be self-standing in terms of funding and not just relying in EC and National funding.
3. Consolidates the capacity of INRaSTES to retain the services of high level scientists and maintain acquired equipment fully operational once the EnTeC project is terminated. The core elements of this strategy are analysed in WP5.
4. Provides seed funding and institutional infrastructure for collaborations that can best compete for funding to support climate related research from a variety of public and private entities at the European, national, and regional level.
5. Improves research management capacity of INRaSTES. The role of the Project Steering Committee which has already overviewed INRaSTES potential and has advised on its R&D agenda and priorities or contribution to emerging research priorities on a National and ERA level.
6. Outreaching actions proposed within EnTeC are becoming a bridge in strengthening bonds of INRaSTES with National Authorities (e.g. Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change) and potential End Users (e.g. countries beyond EU, East Europe, China). Within the Action Plan direct and effective pathways are defined to promote innovative R&D activities, research outcome and specialized services to the mutual benefit of INRaSTES and policy makers (WP4-6).
7. Alignment of the INRaSTES Action Plan on Environmental technologies for Atmospheric pollution and Integrated Climate Research in response to research activities and thematic priorities described in (a) Regional Operational plan of Attica, (b) GSRT Strategic Plan “Innovation, Research and Technology 2007-2013”, (c) ERA, (d) the European Climate Change Programme and (e) International Activities (WP4- 6).
8. Upgrade of the scientific expertise of INRaSTES members. Such actions will be achieved with the recruitment of leading experts (WP1), the training of the personnel of INRaSTES (WP3), and two-way secondments with leading EU institutions (WP3), in support of R&D activities and expansion of knowledge and research horizons.
9. Embed the R&D activities of INRaSTES in international networks of added value (e.g. EMEP-ACTRIS-ICOS). This would sustain active networking of INRaSTES with high quality research entities on a regional, national and European level (WP4)
10. Upgrade existing equipment and experimental infrastructure to support high innovative R&D activities and the provision of high quality services (WP2). This also includes the upgrading of computational facilities, to enhance the modelling capabilities of INRaSTES.

Project Results:
An Overview of the project structure can be given by the general Description of the INRaSTES Action Plan on Integrated Environmental technologies for Atmospheric pollution and Climate Research (i.e. AP-IECR) which is given at the schematic below (Fig.1)
The plan covers not only R&D activities but also all matters that contribute to the continuous operation for more than 25 years. In order to deal with such an interdisciplinary topic, the research has been split into five specific R&D priorities (Actions), which are by nature interdependent and the outcome of each is used to provide valuable input to any other, and one horizontal Action related to Research Management, as illustrated schematically in Figure 1 It must be stressed that the research activities themselves are not funded by the present project EnTeC (such funding would exceed by far the proposed budget).
EnTeC is actually funding the necessary actions to enhance the research potential of INRaSTES so that the Institute will be capable to proceed towards the realisation and long-term sustainability of its future R&D vision in the selected areas.
The Progress of work is described in the 5 major work packages except project management, which will be reported in the management section. Administration and Management is discussed and described in an overall summary report of all actions challenges and proposals for ensuring successful completion of the project at a final chapter in the end of the report
During this reporting period and despite the limitations on implementation posed to the beneficiary from “Capital Controls” the Infrastructure is continually upgraded and the working experts in the projects have been increased from 16 to 19 members of the ENTEC team plus 2 Administrative Members of staff.
The training of INRaSTES team members have been implemented in five instances and they have made 8 training travel.
There have been 15 secondements of INRaSTES staff and 4 secondments from members of Partner Organizations
Presentations of the INRaSTES research achievements have been made in 20 Conferences and 11 Workshops and scientific meetings
There has also been procurement and tenders for 647.000 euros

Potential Impact:
The emphasis on ‘excellent people’ is a long-term policy option of INRaSTES, with the provision to support further upgrading their scientific value.
At least 14 highly qualified scientists will be recruited and integrated in the R&D activities of INRaSTES. They will be used not only to provide support to current activities and projects but also to advance existing capabilities in high priority research areas (see section B1.4 /WP1). In summary these are:
• Field sites and laboratory infrastructure establishment and operation
• Size-resolved aerosol measurements
• Data acquisition, transfer and processing
• Chemical analysis and measurements of gaseous pollutants and aerosols
• Development and Application of Global / Regional Circulation Models
• Downscaling of GCM for regional air pollution simulations and compilation of high resolution emission inventories
• Source apportionment and statistical modelling
• Climate change and critical infrastructures protection
• Multi-risk methodologies for disaster reduction of climatic change
• Cyberinfrastructure development and operation.
Scientific Equipment
The improvement of INRaSTES R&D potential will be achieved with the acquisition of high quality scientific equipment as a means to support theoretical and modelling activities and also provide external services. Existing and proposed equipment could be used to provide the scientific community, the Local, Regional and National Authorities with high quality data on climatic gases and their properties. Under EnTeC two unique facilities in Greece and South East Europe are planned: one to measure vertical atmospheric composition in the boundary layer in the suburban region of Attica fully utilizing the 85 m mast and one in a free troposphere background. The proposed facilities are expected to cover a structural “gray zone” in South-eastern Europe with respect to data collection, analysis, and climate models.
Contribution to regional capacity building
The installation of a unique field monitoring station in the suburban area of Attica in addition to an integrated risk assessment approach from natural hazards that have devastated Attica in the last 4 years . EnTeC will contribute to the development of demand and supply for climatic related R&D services in the region of Attica with obvious benefits to the sector and particularly to SMEs offering or needing such services. In the same context, EnTeC is expected to give rise to the establishment of spin-offs in Attica (and Greece) dealing with this type of activities.
Promotion of Regional R&D activities
The successful EnTeC completion should further enhance the R&D expertise of INRaSTES, to be fully integrated and also to have the ability to lead regional driven activities for the promotion of research in the area of environment and sustainable development. In order to develop, industries and SMEs as competitive business operations in an international operating environment, they need to exploit the R&D capacity and services of highly specialised entities such as INRaSTES. This would allow regional actors to gain an in-depth understanding of the climatic know-how, products and services provided by INRaSTES, in order to promote their strategic development and provided services.
EnTeC will also serve the Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative, a collaboration of leaders from across the Mediterranean and with the support of the European Investment Bank.

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