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COMPOSLEEVE Report Summary

Project ID: 641559
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Country: Spain

Periodic Report Summary 1 - COMPOSLEEVE (Development of a composite sleeve for spatial separation of rotor and stator in an electric motor)

Project Context and Objectives:
Due to electrical systems increase, in example landing gear, in future Aircraft, the need for more electrical power on board is envisioned.

But, the weight associated to electrical rotating machine increase can be a drawback for More Electric Aircraft (MEA) architectures. Consequently, the rotating electrical machine manufacturers are looking for solutions to reduce the mass of these assemblies.

For these reason, the objectives of COMPOSLEEVE projects are:

• To find out the right materials and techniques for manufacturing a slim composite sleeve which is compliant with the constraints and requirements concerning pressure, temperature and chemical stability
• To carry out design activities (included material characterization) to get a design compliant with main constraints
• The manufacturing at least 10 prototypes some of them for sleeve testing by consortia and some of them to be delivered for motor test at Topic Manager further Development
• To test the resulting sleeve, alone against the requirements: pressure, heat
• In a further stage the Topic Manager will test the sleeve in a corresponding motor prototype to see the behavior under more integral operational, environmental and failure conditions.

The following main constraints and requirements are considered:

• Material shall be able to resist a temperature > 200° (later agreed with Topic Manager to 150ºC as this was the maximum temperature the material will achieve in failure condition)
• Material shall be non-conductive
• Composite sleeve shall be able to resist a pressure of 350 bar
• Wall thickness shall be not more than 2.5mm
• The composite sleeve shall withstand a stator temperature of 200°C, at teeth level, without ductile deformation or any other damages.
• Because of the build in situation at the motor there are a lot of supporting points around the contour of the sleeve which are able to absorb the pressure force.
• The sleeve will be designed, manufactured and prototype tested (pressure, heat)
• It will also be optimized the construction and technique of the sleeve for industrial manufacturing and the cost will be analyzed for a serial production.

To accomplish the project objectives, the consortium assumes the responsibility for:

• The selection of the materials for the composite sleeve (resin, fiber ...)
• The selection of the detailed manufacturing process
• The Composite sleeve design
• The development of a manufacturing process for the sleeve
• The manufacturing of at least 10 sleeve prototypes for test some of them by the consortia and some of them in motor test at Topic Manager further development
• The performing of test concerning the requirements: temp., pressure, fatigue
• The proposal of optimization of design, materials and manufacturing process concerning quality and cost
• An estimative cost analysis (RC / NRC) concerning serial production

Project Results:
To accomplish the project objectives, the consortium has carried out during this perdiod

Analysis of requirements
The selection of the materials for the composite sleeve (resin, fiber ...)
The selection of the detailed manufacturing process
The definition of test matrix for material characterization
The Composite sleeve design
Manufacturing trials of sleeve process for the sleeve
Potential Impact:
The expected impact of COMPOSLEEVE is a considerable weight saving by achieving taking into account the replacement of a complex assembly of metal/plastic part with a density in the range of 8 g/cm3 vs 1,5 g/cmm3 of the proposed composite sleeve.

As well an innovative design and manufacturing alternative for composite tubes combining advanced polymer with nonconductive fiber and liner.

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