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MAGNIFIC Report Summary

Project ID: 641498
Funded under: H2020-EU.2.1.6.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MAGNIFIC (Multiplying In Africa European Global Navigation Initiatives Fostering Interlaced Cooperation)

Reporting period: 2015-02-01 to 2016-01-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

MAGNIFIC Project main objective is to promote an African EGNOS and Galileo Early services with EGNSS awareness. MAGNIFIC covers strategic domains including the export of EGNOS for Africa and key priority applications identified in the GSA Action plan on GNSS applications: road, aviation, maritime, precision, agriculture/environment protection, civil protection and surveillance, and LBS.
SBAS in Africa is part of the EU cooperation policy on transport and of the First Action Plan (2008-2010) for the implementation of the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership and was specially mentioned at the 3rd Africa-EU summit. Countries from West Africa have been selected for their highest growth largely bigger than in Europe. This growth needs to be accompanied by solutions, such as EGNSS, that allow the African continent to develop fast. Europe is also linked with Africa by years of cooperation.
The key added values of the proposed “EGNOS for Africa” and GALILEO services are expected to convince the African decision makers (business, authorities) to adopt EGNSS as it will ease their growth and bring social benefits to the African citizens (new services in protection, LBS, smart transport…). Thus, MAGNIFIC maximizes both the export roadmap of EGNOS in Africa market sectors. In return, solving new needs linked to the African context (scintillation problems) will also foster the European innovation.
MAGNIFIC proposes to demonstrate to African Stakeholders the benefits of EGNOS and Galileo by means of six field trials in Africa and a EGNSS international conference:
1) Airport surface vehicle using EGNOS integrity and interference monitoring (Dakar, Maputo)
2) Oil Exploitation with innovative EGNSS algorithms to mitigate scintillation (Angola)
3) Highly secured multi-modal transport using EGNSS tracking and Galileo SAR (Cameroon)
4) Flight using SBAS procedures with real EGNOS corrections for Africa (Lomé)
5) Natural Resources analysis with accurate vertical positioning (EGNSS PPP in Togo)
6) Secured Maritime transport using new generation wide spectrum GALILEO SAR (Gabon)
Certainly, one of the key aspects of the proposed solution is to generate “Safety-Of-Life” corrections thanks to SPEED platform.
The main objectives of the project are described below:
• To ensure the promotion of an African ENGOS through benefits that spread much beyond Civil Aviation Needs
• To ensure the promotion of the Galileo Early services
• To support the Awareness and the capacity building in Africa to boost the penetration of the EGNSS applications and services
• To create self-sustainable partnership at research and businesses level between African and European entities
MAGNIFIC will allow African Stakeholders to go faster in the added value services deployment in the geolocalization domain and the deployment of solutions needed by the authorities.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

As described in detail in the Periodic Report, MAGNIFIC project is on schedule and the activities will continue taking place during the second period of the project.
The technical work performed during the first period of the project comprises the setup of all the demonstrations. The document describing in detail the organization of all the demos has been developed and it is updated accordingly. In addition, an internal training on EGNSS technical aspects, SPEED platform and ENGSS applications were performed among MAGNIFIC partners.
All the demonstrations are facing now the Field Trials Execution in Africa:
During the first period of the project, M3S developed an upgraded application that will be embedded in the airport vehicles. This application has been customized for the demonstrations to integrate the airports maps and the definition of all the protected areas. The equipment needed to build the demonstration prototype has been purchased and integrated and tested in static and dynamic conditions.
2) High accuracy/integrity for Oil Exploitation
The preparation phase of the data collection has been done, the subsystems have been purchased and the receivers have been integrated and tested. MAGNIFIC partners liaise with a local supporter to enable a periodic upload of the data files.
3) Civil Aviation
Two APV SBAS approach procedures down to LPV minima have been designed including the generation of the corresponding procedure design packages. The ground validation of the procedures has been performed. A CBA for a local airline is being developed.
4) Natural Resources
The scientific equipment has been purchased and tested in France first. Then, it was sent to Lomé and training was given to the Togolese Team to use the material. Samples and measurements were taken during 2015. The first files were processed and give very good results. The partners established cooperation with the Togolese authorities to exchange data on the monitoring stations.
5) Highly Secured Multimodal Transport
First contact was established with the local partners in order to share with them the overall MAGNIFIC project objectives and goals. The platform that will be used for the trial has been selected. The equipment has been purchased and sent to Cameroon. The initial tests were performed and new solutions need to be integrated.
6) Maritime SAR
The solution for distant display of alerts has been defined. Alert Display Software has been developed and tested. An orbitography analysis has been carried out.
In terms of communication, the activities carried out include the development of a Project Website, which is continuously being updated with news and communications content from the demonstrations. A twitter account has been created for the Project as well as a YouTube account where all the multimedia material is shared in order to be disseminated to the public audience.
The most relevant activity performed in terms of communications and dissemination is the organization of the 1st International Workshop on GNSS Applications in Africa last September 2015 in Lomé, Togo. The event counted on the participation of 68 people from several African Countries and sectors and was a complete success. This Workshop was a platform to give visibility to the international community on MAGNIFIC first results.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

MAGNIFIC aspires to catalyst the development of an EGNOS in Africa. It also aspires to develop an important panel of applications (A-SMGS, Emergency services, Multimodal transportation, etc…) supported by key technological improvements (Multi Constellations, Multi frequency, integrity taking into account local propagation effects, robust receiver technology, SAR signal optimization, etc…), whose global adoption will benefit from Africa pioneering.

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