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Insight Report Summary

Project ID: 718124

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Insight (An accounting integrated carbon management tool for supply chain decarbonisation of SMEs.)

Reporting period: 2016-02-01 to 2016-05-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

Carbon Analytics have developed an innovative carbon accounting web platform allowing companies to conduct rapid and fully automated carbon emission and water footprint analyses. The tool also allows companies to partner with suppliers that can help them to reduce both their costs and their environmental impacts. The overall objective of the project is to advance the platform from TRL 7 to TRL9, delivering an MVP that is ready for the market following Phase 2 completion. The main task of the project is to pilot the platform with end users, and make product iterations as required, bringing it closer to the MVP. The project will also be accompanied by a marketing strategy and positive results/findings will be disseminated throughout.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

Carbon Analytics spent more than 4 months conducting the Phase 1 Feasibility assessment. During this time they assessed key technical and business criteria to plan a successful commercialisation. The Company constructed a detailed product development and industrialisation plan, also making sure to address relevant regulatory and standard requirements. Through speaking with potential end user groups Carbon Analytics were able to identify target customer segments, important product iterations to be made, and a business model that would be attractive to each customer segment. A commercialisation plan along with detailed 5 year financial projections were also developed.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

Insight is a carbon management tool easily accessible to companies looking to simultaneously reduce their environmental impacts and save costs. The software platform also brokers new agreements between companies and potential supply chain partners. The majority of users of the free service are SME’s while larger organisations will contract Carbon Analytics for custom consulting/carbon management services. Insight possesses a number of key features that clearly sets it ahead of competing solutions. The main advantages that sets it apart are that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes (producing results rapidly and at low cost) and that it allows companies to take direct action through the platform to reduce their costs and impact by establishing agreements with new suppliers.

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