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REFINET Report Summary

Project ID: 653789
Funded under: H2020-EU.3.4.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - REFINET (REthinking Future Infrastructure NETworks)

Reporting period: 2015-05-01 to 2016-04-30

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

The European transport infrastructure network is considered as the lifeblood of European trade and society, and is commonly regarded as a shared heritage of great economic value. But it is also recognised today that this network is composed of many existing infrastructures that no longer fulfil the current functional requirements and today’s safety and quality standards, and requires refurbishment and increased capacities, potentially relying on innovative technologies, components and systems. The ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform) reFINE (Research for Future Infrastructure Networks in Europe) initiative has been a firts initiatve aiming at the development and delivery of innovative design, construction, maintenance and upgrading concepts and solutions that promote and strengthen seamless transport links for passenger and freight, while keeping up with future technological trends. The REFINET European Coordination action is a follow-up: based on a sustainable research network that integrates relevant stakeholders’ representatives of all transport modes (road, railway, maritime, fluvial…) and transport infrastructure sectors, its primary objective is to create a shared European vision of how the multimodal European transport infrastructure network of the future should be specified, designed, built, renovated, and maintained, and elaborate a SIP (Strategic Implementation Plan) that will define the innovation activities required to make this vision a reality.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

"Work performed during the first period includes:

Project management activities (WP1):
• PSC: nomination of an official representative and a substitute/deputy for each partner + person-leaders of all WP s.
• Working & communication methods(see D1.1 - REFINET Project Handbook + Annexes): management structure & responsibilities, Quality Assurance procedures, Meetings - Programme for plenary meetings, PSC (for at least the 1st year) & resources for the project (set up of meeting calendar), Project mailing list (groups, forums...): global list, technical list, management list (lists defined according to the structure of project management: PSC, WPL…).
The administrative and financial tasks carried out during the first reporting period include:
• (before official start of the project) Signature of the Grant Agreement by the EC and the Coordinator. All beneficiaries have accessed it.
• Administrative coordination of the project: this involves liaising between the project partners and the commission (INEA).
• Organisation of project meetings and reviews - according to the D1.1 (Project Handbook).
• Project communication coordination: this involved the on-going maintenance of the collaborative shared folders (ECTP CWS system and DropBox folder). These are the main means of knowledge management and information exchange among the partners.
• Continuous coordination activities, including support to WPs coordination and progress monitoring, as well as production of deliverables and corrective actions if required.
• Distribution of the community financial contribution. This was carried out in due time and according to the EC contract and the Consortium Agreement.
The other activities have included:
• Informal presentation - REFINET progress review - to the EC (INEA / Sandra Ramos – Brussels, 15/10/2015) – 5 month after the start of the project.
• Internal publication (liaising with WP leaders) of 4-month Report 1 for all WPs – September 2015, and 4-month Report 2 – January 2016.
• Finalizing the 1st version (for year #1) of the scoping paper for synergy between FOX, USE-iT and REFINET (1st release submitted on 30/09 - integration of EC comments and recommendations - enhanced release submitted on 17/12).
• Preparation and organization of the REFINET Kick-off meeting in Brussels (REH) on 12th of May 2015, General meeting (#2) in Brussels (REH) on 29-30 September 2015, and the REFINET General meeting (#3) in Madrid (Tecnalia Premises) on 3rd December 2015.
• Support to the preparation of REFINET Workshops #1, #2, and #3.
• Continuous support to activities in WPs – WP2 (Community Network Building), WP3 (Defining Vision and SIP), and WP5 (Communication & Dissemination), as well as to the initial work and activities related to WP4 (Deploying SIP).
• Follow-up and participation to the production – as well as delivery to the EC - of the following deliverables: D1.1 – Project Handbook, D2.1, D.2.2 and D2.4, D3.1, D3.2 and D3.3, D5.1, D5.2 and D5.3.
• Support to the organization of the TRA2016 – Warsaw (including submission of a REFINET paper, organization of the joint REFINET+FOX+USE-iT joint session, and the SS6 session Green and Resilient Infrastructure).
• Preparation of the participation to TRB2016 – Washington (joint session Refinet+FOX+USE-iT: Workshop on Cross Modal Transport Infrastructure).

Community Network Building (WP2):
• Development and of the online directory of stakeholders;
• Initial stakeholder engagement and ‘mapping’;
• Development of theREFINET Experts Group;
• Delivery of D2.1 & joint D2.2 - D2.4.

Defining Vision and SIP (WP3):
Task 3.1 Definition of the REFINET multi-modal transport infrastructure (RMMTI) model
- Search and Selection of relevant documents from technological platforms, associations, to be analysed in order to define the RMMTI model.
- Development of a template to facilitate the analysis and distribution of documents amongst the partners.
- Preparation and Organization of a workshop in Madrid, at the Torroja Institute, in order to gather information from experts regarding the definition of the RMMTI model.
- Summary of results of the workshop held in Madrid the 2nd of December 2015.
- Writing of the deliverable explaining the REFINET multi-modal Transport Infrastructure (RMMTI) model.
Task 3.2 Best practices collection
- Definition of the taxonomy (classification) for the elaboration or the REFINET portfolio of Best practices.
- Discussion of a common template with other CSAs (FOX and USE-IT).
- Definition of the strategy for collaboration with external expert organizations (ECTP infrastructure and Mobility Committee interested parties, PTEC Working Group on Infrastructure members, ENCORD members, etc.).
- Collection of input from identified interested parties.
- Organisation of the workshop of the ENCORD Working Group on Infrastructure on the topic of Best Practices on February 29, 2016 in Porto (Portugal).
- Writing of the deliverable explaining the best practices collection, according to REFINET RMMTI model
Task 3.3 Analysis of available technologies: following the same taxonomy for the elaboration of the Best practices Collection, and the structure for the final deliverable, Task 3.3 intends to analyse the available technologies in design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures.

Deploying SIP (WP4):
The first activity undertaken after the official start of the task was to define the precise roles and activities of the partners involved within WP4 as per DoA. Task 4.1 was broken down into four sub-task to ease the management, monitoring and delivery of the planned activities, as follows:
o Sub-task 4.1.1: Defining the plan for the deployment of the SIP;
o Sub-task 4.1.2: Monitoring R&I projects aligned to the REFINET SIP;
o Sub-task 4.1.3: Geo-Clustering technological demands;
o Sub-task 4.1.4: Mobilising R&I programmes
Regarding the actual format of the Deliverable D4.1 due at the end of M16 (August 2016), several versions of the Table of Content of the document were drafted in collaboration with WP4 partners confirmed as final version.

Communication and Dissemination (WP5)
• Web
• Launching REFINET LinkedIn Group for debate on innovation in transport infrastructures.
• Dissemination of three workshops (NTPs webinar in October 21st , Madrid workshop in Dec.3rd and London workshop in March 16th).
• An invited session on REFINET, FOX and USE-it in April 20th at TRA 2016 (Warsaw) on Increasing the Performance of Multimodal Transport Infrastructure through stakeholder engagement and European wide shared vision with 50 participants.
• A leaflet edited and distributed in November 2015.
• Two REFINET newsletters published in November 2015 and February 2016, respectively.
• Collaboration with other networks as Encord, PTEC, construction NTPs and Fox and Use-it CSAs, between other (see Deliverable 5.3, table 5).
• Reporting on REFINET progress in ENCORD Presidium meeting (July 2015), ENCORD Council meetings (Cadarache, France, October 2015 and Porto, Portugal, February 2016) and ENCORD WG on Infrastructure (Porto, Portugal, March 2016).
• Participation in external events and publications in journals (see Deliverable 5.3, tables No.3 and 6).
• Participation in Washington, US, at TRB2016 with presentations of REFINET, FOX and USE-it CSAs in January 2016"

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

During this first period, REFINET has contributed to:
• Start and stimulate the devlopment of a network aroun vision, RTD and industrial innovation in the addressed technology and application areas, targeting the trans-European multi-modal infrastructures of the future: the current network of REFINET stakeholders has brought together around 683 experts from all transport modes within the transport infrastructure sector.
• Increase stakeholders presence and awareness of REFINET activities, but also related topics and challenges
• The establishment of the RMMTI framework (model and related KPIs ) that offers a generic simple vision that can be shared by all transport stakeholders and research related organisations.
Preparatory work was also conducted in order to:
• start to develop and support the deployment of teh REFINET SIP.

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