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Periodic Report Summary 1 - WOGYMARKET (Workers, Gypsies, and the Market: The Anthropology of New Fascism in Eastern Europe)

This twenty-eight-month research project has been taking place at the Department of Anthropology of Binghamton University, State University of New York, USA (outgoing host) and Institute of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Slovakia (returning host). This research focuses on how social transformation in Slovakia and Europe give rise to new patterns of Counter-Enlightenment politics among significant segments of population, including the middle classes, with an extreme materializing in what the researcher has been conceptualizing as "village fascism". It demonstrates this development by focusing on two social groups that have encountered the most significant transformation in effect of the economy re-structuring after state-socialism and under the economic crisis and whose positions caused major challenges for academics and policy makers: heavy industry workers and Roma/Gypsies. The major theoretical concern is on the relations between local and global economic models – livelihood strategies as well as ideas about economy and well-being -- and how they interfere with the relations and practices of power in what I call post-peasant setting after socialism.
The outgoing phase of the project aimed to (1) collect analyses concerning contemporary social movements with regard to economic models, and (2) develop a theoretical framework to apply to my analysis of new forms of fascism and patterns of civility. Specifically, the outgoing phase deepened researcher's knowledge on the economic underpinning of social movements and on transformations of polities under and in relation to economic globalization and compare them with the development in advanced capitalist economies.
During the outgoing phase the visiting reseacher dedicated most of his time to data analyses of his ethnographic and secondary material, liberary research, and writing of first drafts of actual chapters of his forthcoming book. Additionally, the researcher acquired new knowledge regarding the teaching and research in US cultural anthropology and used the opportunity to present his results to US academic audience. In this way he also fulfilled the expectations regarding cultivation of presentation skills and English academic writing.
The results of this outgoing phase are sufficient for fulfilling the overal goal of the project: to prepare the manuscript of a scientific monograph to be submitted to renowned international academic publishing house. The researcher has completed the first draft of key chapters of this forthcoming monograph and aims to submit the proposal by the end of the outgoing phase (by May 2016) to the publisher.

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