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ATAEGINA Report Summary

Project ID: 632480
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Country: Spain

Periodic Report Summary 1 - ATAEGINA (Airline TriAls of Environmental Green flIght maNAgement functions)

Project Context and Objectives:
ATAEGINA project is aimed to test three new green concepts (ECO STEP, A-IGS and MCDP) provided by SGO on real daily operations, implying random perturbation factors and real flight conditions.
As a first step, and after analysing the FM functions provided by Clean Sky and their compatibility with actual fleet operations and avionics equipage, the ATAEGINA consortium will set up a series of scenarios to be run in TAP simulators. Those scenarios will be consolidated with the consortium members taking as first approach the preliminary trials flight plan provided in the ATAEGINA Technical Proposal.

The simulations will serve to evaluate the different safety risks that can appear due to these new FM functions, and to mature the operational procedures and get the feedback from pilots.
With the outputs from the simulations, and taking into account the identified operational constraints for the trials (e.g. airport time/daily loads), the final flights candidate list per flight optimization type (ECO STEP, I-AGS and MCDP) will be defined.
Data will be collected during the green flights for later post-process and comparison with historical data recorded by TAP Portugal and ANA during the last 5 years, as well as with data collected at the beginning of the ATAEGINA project, during the so-called Nominal flight campaign.

All simulations, together with the nominal/green flight trials, will be performed in four different batches that will include its execution and analysis. This iterative approach between the simulations and the flights will allow capturing and respond to lessons learned between each batch and before further progress is initiated, especially with respect to safety related issues.

Project Results:
The work performed inside ATAEGINA project has been splitted throughout different Work Packages (WP):

WP0 - Management
Most of the tasks performed inside WP0 have the aim of coordinate the other WPs activities between consortium members and the topic manager. Based on these coordination actions, during the Kick off meeting it was decided between all project partners to focus the project tasks over the testing of MCDP concept. During the first meetings and after a deep tasks/sources analysis, it was decided to create the Ad-Hoc Data Sub-Group (ADSG) inside the consortium to focus on data collection and analysis activities.
The following deliverables have been produced: Project Management Plan, Progress reports and Minutes of meeting.

WP1 - Concept Definition
As decided at the Kick off meeting, all work performed to date has been focused in defining MCDP concept, aimed to prepare the simulation experiments to be developed in WP2. MCDP concept was analyzed by defining the Concept of Operations and Safety Assessment Analysis. An MCDP Simulator Test Plan was also drafted by describing the simulation sessions to be carried out in WP2.
The following deliverables have been produced: MCDP simulator test plan, Safety Assessment, MCDP CONOPS

WP2 - Proof of Concept
Tasks performed in this WP have been aimed in validating the MCDP concept developed during WP1 through simulations. Simulations sessions were carried out on December 17th 2014, using two aircraft simulators (A320 & A330/A340) owned by TAP at Lisbon premises. A simulation report was drafted to present the simulation results to conclude that the execution of MCDPs do not introduce any relevant barrier while solving some minor issues identified.
The following deliverables have been produced: MCDP Simulation Report,

WP3 - Test Preparation
The objective of this work package is the preparation of the MCDP operational flight trials for its execution in WP4. In this line, it has been analyzed all the data requirements need for performing the environmental assessment. In addition, the assessment plan has been draft by setting out the overall approach to the environmental assessment of the ATAEGINA trial flights that are designed to evaluate the practicalities, requirements and impacts of the new concept.
The following deliverables have been produced: Description of Data Collection, Description of Statistical Study to be Performed

Potential Impact:
The job done during this periodic report has help to identify the MCDP operational procedure to be implemented on board by TAP flight crew. Among all the results assessed from the responses to the questionnaires and comments from simulations' participants, the over-riding conclusion to be drawn from the MCDP simulation experiments performed is that MCDP operations execution are considered safe, acceptable and compatible with TAP daily Flight Management Functions.

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