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OptoQMol Report Summary

Project ID: 338258
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Mid-Term Report Summary - OPTOQMOL (Optical Quantum Control of Magnetic Molecules)

The OptoQMol project is strongly multidisciplinary, and aims at investigating how passing electrons interact with spin centers. To understand this with an unprecedented time resolution and sensitivity, we have created a setup where pulses of laser light can be used to excite an electron transfer in a magnetic molecule, and the state of the spin system can then be probed via microwave pulses, allowing us to understand how the electron is affecting the spin and its dynamics. The results are then compared to electron transport experiments where single electrons are sent through a single magnetic molecule. In this sense we are thus unifying some traditionally-unrelated fields of investigation: nanoscopic transport and time-resolved electron-transfer spectroscopy. We have also started probing the coherence times of these systems, sometimes obtaining impressively long times at room temperature, and theoretical ways of entangling the passing electron spin with the spins of the backbone.


Gill Wells, (Head of European Team)
Tel.: +44 1865 289800
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