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CLOUDWATCH2 Report Summary

Project ID: 644748
Funded under: H2020-EU.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CLOUDWATCH2 (Think Cloud Services for Government, Business Research)

Reporting period: 2015-09-01 to 2016-08-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

It is only when the innovation process is inclusive and open that we truly advance technology for humanity – from small businesses to public sector organisations and citizens as the new digital consumers. The use of open source software and open standards are becoming increasingly seen as enablers and levellers for public and private sectors alike, bundling skills to create new services and applications.
CloudWATCH2 takes a pragmatic approach to market uptake and sustainable competitiveness for wider uptake and commercial exploitation. It provides a set of services to help European R&I initiatives capture the value proposition and business case as key to boosting the European economy.

CloudWATCH2 services include:
- A cloud market structure roadmap with transparent pricing to enable R&I projects to chart exploitation paths in ways they had not previously considered, or help them avoid approaches that would not have been successful.
- Mapping the EU cloud ecosystem of products, services and solutions emerging from EU R&I projects. Identifying software champions and best practices in mitigating risks associated with open source projects, and ultimately, enable faster time-to-value and commercialisation.
- Impact meetings for clustering and convergence on common themes and challenges. Re-use of technologies will also be of paramount importance.
- Promoting trusted & secure services through roadshows and deep dive training sessions. Giving R&I initiatives a route to users at major conferences or in local ICT clusters.
- A portfolio of standards for interoperability and security that can facilitate the realisation of an ecosystem of interoperable services for Europe.
- Cloud interoperability testing in an international developer-oriented and hands-on environment. Findings will be transferred into guidance documents and standards.
- Risk management guides to the cloud for private and public organisations to lower barriers and ensure a trusted European cloud market.
- Legal guidelines to the cloud for SMEs containing practical examples of cloud contracts’ clauses that need to be assessed before purchasing cloud services.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

A cloud market structure encouraging transparent pricing showing how the market could become more efficient, more competitive and bring savings to consumers.
Y1 Achievement:
Cloud Market Roadmap version 1 published (D4.2).
Delivered of use case on HNSciCloud building a procurement model that can reduce costs and improve the speed of assessing IaaS vendor responses during a tender process.

An evolved portfolio of standards for interoperability and security analysing implementations in European Research and Innovation projects. This builds on the ETSI Cloud Standards Coordination and places emphasis on the business opportunities enabled by interoperability.
Y1 Achievement:
Delivered adoption deep dive workshop advanced security standards (T2.3)
Contribution to EC Catalogue of standards on domains: interoperability, portability, security and privacy.
Delivered response to EC COM (2016) 19/4/2016/: How CloudWATCH2 directly responds to the ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market.

A mapping of technologies, development status and practical support activities for projects to cluster and collaborate on common challenges, carry out interoperability testing, validate and endorse the level of interoperability.
Y1 Achievement:
Cluster app developed and launched. Data collected from projects (T2.2) and promoted to EC clusters at cluster workshop (MS1).
Support to EC clusters through cluster session at Concertation Meeting (T2.1), participation at 3 cluster meetings, contribution to DPSP cluster.
Methodology for remote plugfests delivered (D3.1).

Facilitate projects in moving to the market through practical adoption sessions and stakeholder engagement events, and offer a digital innovation hub to showcase European excellence.
Y1 Achievement:
Delivered one Concertation meeting with focus on result exploitation, sustainability and market readiness.
Published new EU service offer catalogue on showcasing EU excellence.
Facilitated projects’ market impact through workshops, demos, and position papers at key events such as ICT2015.
Created new section dedicated to project exploitation on including best practices from projects.

Educate SMEs and public administrations (PA) on risks and legal aspects with practical guidelines and check lists to lower entry barriers.
Y1 Achievement:
Re-vamped with improved user experience, content organisation & content marketing.
Increased engagement with SMEs & PAs through social media outreach and growing community database.
Published new SME and PA sections on
Delivered 2 new legal guides (MS11): Cloud contractual clauses & Frequently Asked Questions & monthly website feature
Published analysis of PA risk management user requirements and risk profiling methodology (D3.2)

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

Cloud support services to National Trade Associations and ICT clusters
The strength of CloudWATCH2 assets is the high-level of independent expertise in key cloud issues such as security, risk management, legal and SLAs, pricing, technical and market readiness. Feedback from NTAs and ICT clusters has been extremely positive in the following ways:
T4.1: No competitor observatory contains such a wide-range of independent support tools and guides as well as access to software and cloud services. CW2 is publicising online tools and services to these stakeholders as a way to create their own cloud computing website section which back-links to the
• Stakeholder workshops (T4.2): CW2 is promoting stakeholder workshops to this stakeholder group. The workshops are seen as a potential revenue stream for future sustainability of assets.

Cluster application (T2.2)
The CloudWATCH2 cluster application analyses detailed knowledge of the cloud computing landscape, and demonstrates how different cloud computing projects form natural clusters based on their common relationship to the defining features of cloud services using the NIST model of defining characteristics. This aspect of project clustering proves more helpful than the rather more obvious relationships based on common goals, aspirations and target audiences, which more often form the basis for project collaborations, or indeed the basis for identifying close competitors. The methodology addresses the challenge of quickly and effectively assessing a large and complex landscape of activities and quickly find structural patterns in that landscape.
Typical beneficiaries include:
• Cloud research projects can use the methodology to determine which other projects to contact and discuss overlapping interest to make the most out of the taxpayers' money that fund their activities;
• Funding agencies that need to make an informed decision whether to fund a certain project or not: The methodology can assist and provide some of the much needed information;
In addition, in partnership with Strategic Blue the University of Oxford applied for national funding through the InnovateUK Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme with the aim of using the cloud landscaping tool as a mechanism to improve the three core products of strategic blue and better match providers and consumers of cloud computing resources. This project has a potential to transform Strategic Blues outputs as well as bring in new developments within the use of cloud data analytics and pricing analysis which will feed back into the deliverables and outputs of the Cloudwatch2 project.

Legal support to the European Science Cloud (T3.4)
CloudWATCH2 outputs contributing to the European Open Science Cloud: As outlined in T4.3, CloudWATCH2 has contributed to the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud by providing support to the HNSciCloud. As part of T4.3, SB has provided a case study about building a procurement model that can reduce costs and improve the speed of assessing IaaS vendor responses during a tender process.
In Y2 CloudWATCH2 will continue this support. Trust-IT has arranged for ICTL to attend a closed meeting with potential procurers for the HNScience Cloud for support on SLA issues (M15) as described in more detail in T3.4 future actions.
In Y2 CloudWATCH2 has started to investigate the potential impact of project outputs on the European Science Cloud an in particular how guides and services can be used directly or adapted for the procurement of cloud services and also for raising awareness among the science community on cloud computing. In M13-14 we have already engaged with the European Commission, HNScience Cloud, EUDAT, IndigoDataCloud and GEANT on this.

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