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Project ID: 335561
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Norway

Mid-Term Report Summary - CHEMOSENSORYCIRCUITS (Function of Chemosensory Circuits)

During the course of the ERC funded project "ChemosensoryCircuits" we identified the rules of sensory information processing in 2 brain regions, namely habenula and the brainstem. These two brain regions are responsible for stress and appetite respectively. We found that the habenula can process and integrate information from visual and olfactory systems and have a prominent level of ongoing activity which can contribute to information processing. We are now working on the neural architecture that underlie this processes. In the brainstem we studied how the taste information is processed. We showed that the taste categories and encoded by differential activation of these circuits and mixtures are encoded in an unpredictable non-linear fashion. We are now investigating how these processes are established early in the taste circuits.


Øyvind Lundenes
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