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Project ID: 280307
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: United Kingdom

Final Report Summary - EPITHELIAL_IMMUNOL (Crosstalk of epithelial lymphocytes and microbiota in influencing immunity and metabolism)

Epithelial_Immunol focussed on white blood cells found at barrier organs forming the interface between the host and its environment; the skin, but especially the intestine. We aimed to investigate the dynamics of these cells with environmental factors such as food and bacterial components, what role these lymphocytes have in shaping immune responses and how metabolism, especially fat processing and storage, may influence these cells. We contributed in extending our earlier observations that the transcription factor named, Arylhydrocarbon receptor (Ahr), is not only required to maintain innate-like T cells but also tissue resident T cells. AhR is of additional importance to maintain the intestinal barrier, also in the colon, and its activity is important to prevent colon cancer. Furthermore, we contributed to understanding the cellular interactions important for the development of white blood cell containing nodules in fat tissues.
We gained further insights into cells enriched at epithelial barrier sites and implicated in the initiation of autoimmune disease and how part of their activity may not be an important driver of autoimmunity while reducing another part of their activity is of therapeutic importance for reducing intestinal inflammation. Most importantly, we have made marked progress in understanding the biology of white blood cells lining the intestine how they are kept in an alert state at the barrier interphase, how they can be activated and possibly returned to an alert state as well as their importance in a variety of intestinal infections.

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