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LiveSoft Report Summary

Project ID: 617805
Funded under: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Country: Germany

Mid-Term Report Summary - LIVESOFT (Lightweight Verification of Software)

With the further spread of our society's IT backbone --- the Internet --- computer applications which in the end predominantly enable direct or indirect between humans continue to become more and more distributed. Developing distributed software is however extremely challenging. A major reason is that programmers have to reason about the effects of partial failures. Such failures involving only certain components, hosts, or communication links while others remain unaffected namely can lead to inconsistent states of distributed applications. The goal of this project is to support automated verification of distributed systems software at build-time, i.e., at compilation of program code. More precisely, we extend the emerging paradigm of behavioral typing --- specifically session types --- to validate distributed software implementations by verifying that the interaction between different components retains consistency, even in the presence of partial failures. We thus propose protocol types, which, as their names suggests, enable the type-based verification of distributed protocols. We strive for a foundational theory which can be used or instantiated to support a variety of system and failure models corresponding to different real-world networked computing infrastructures, and which covers different approaches to fault-tolerance including failure handling and masking.

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