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OneClickLCA Report Summary

Project ID: 711303

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - OneClickLCA (One Click LCA – transforming the construction industry through automated, affordable and scalable solution for assessing and improving the environmental impacts of construction projects and products)

Reporting period: 2016-03-01 to 2016-12-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

Accounting for 13% of the global GDP, the construction industry is the largest industry in terms of resource usage and waste generation, and buildings are the largest user of energy and driver for global warming. Therefore, there are a plethora of regulations (developed by either national or local governments) and more than 150 voluntary certification systems aiming to control and limit the environmental impact of construction. Most of these require or promote the use of LCA as a tool to quantify environmental impacts and to identify potential improvements. As great deal of a building’s impacts are caused by materials used in its lifetime, optimisation without LCA is impossible.
Due to the above factors, doing LCAs in construction industry has become more common than ever before. However, the market still has no solutions for fast, affordable and scalable LCA:

- The need for special expertise and data collection make LCA work inefficient, costly (at least €3000-15000) and time-consuming (40-150 h, often more).
- Economies of scale for LCA are blocked by the diversity of LCA requirements in different regulations and certification systems; in different countries or even inside same country.
- Time needed for LCA slows the uptake of green certification schemes and has its costs – if a €50 million construction project is delayed 3 weeks due to a LCA study, the capital costs of the delay reach €200 000 (at 7% interest rate). On the other hand, when LCA study is done in parallel to the design, the study won’t be able to influence the design decisions.

Lack of accessible and trusted metrics of environmental performance (LCA) between sellers and buyers has prevented construction industry from adopting more sustainable design, procurement and construction practises and becoming more competitive through more efficient use of resources.

Bionova is developing its sustainability metrics software (One Click LCA, that provide up to 100-fold time and 10-fold cost savings (compared to status quo) for the end-user conducting a LCA study. In order to fully address the challenges described above and achieve a global scale, Bionova is planning to implement business model innovation supporting wide-scale market uptake of the solution.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

The project contained of 3 technical as well as communication, exploitation and dissemination and management work packages (WPs) that ran in parallel to all activities. All WPs except WP3 started during the first period.

WP1 – Industrialisation of the One Click LCA
One Click LCA technology platform was refactored to support clustering (e.g. for international deployment and horizontal scalability) and One Click LCA integration interfaces were enhanced and several industry leading software packages were provided an integration interface for.
One Click LCA supports the following integrations:
• IFC — Industry Foundation Classes, the international standard for Building Information Models. We support IFC 2x3 and IFC4 (ISO 16739);
• Autodesk Revit versions 2016 and 2017 — free plugin for existing customers;
• Microsoft Excel and CSV formats — enabling easy import of quantity take-offs or costing data;
• gbXML — the industry standard for sharing data for energy analysis software packages. Supported e.g. by IES-VE and DesignBuilder;
• simplebim and Naviate Simple BIM 5.0 and upwards;
• Custom integrations from XML, JSON, web services and other sources;
• Graphisoft ArchiCAD (coming soon!);
• Tekla Structures (coming soon!).

WP2 – Local customisability for the One Click LCA with Application Builder
One Click LCA’s customisability capabilities were enhanced to make it easier to adjust to local regulations and databases. The software’s database integration capabilities were proven by integrating industrial scale datasets at much higher rate than anticipated, essentially One Click LCA platform as of today includes all qualifying public construction LCA datasets in the world. The constantly updated datasets are:
• Austria — Bau-EPD
• Canada — FPInnovation
• Czech Republic — CENIA
• Denmark — EPD Denmark
• Europe — Eco Platform
• Finland — RTS EPD
• France — INIES
• Germany — IBU, Oekobaudat, and ift Rosenheim
• Italy — EPD Italy
• Norway — EPD Norge
• Poland — ITB
• Portugal — DAPHabitat
• Slovenia — ZAG
• Spain — DAP cons and AENOR
• Sweden — Environdec
• US — NRMCA, ASTM, NSF, SCS Global Services, UL Environment, and Quartz
For countries that are not in the list the data can be localized with tools provided by Bionova in order to get more accurate results. Additionally, other datasets can be included easily by contacting Bionova (

Also, the software achieved several new certifications/approvals. One Click LCA is compliant with and approved for:
• LEED v4 and LEED v3 (2009) — for North American, European and International markets;
• BREEAM — officially approved for International, UK, BREEAM NOR, BREEAM SE, BREEAM Espana;
• DGNB International, DNGB DE (2013 upgrade and 2015), BNB & soon DGNB-DK;
• HQE, BBCA, VERDE, HQM, DREAM, as well as many other national systems;
• Infrastructure sustainability tools like CEEQUAL, PAS 2080 and Envision as well as upcoming EN standard.

WP4 – Communication, exploitation and dissemination
Bionova has focused on communication, exploitation and dissemination by delivering nearly weekly webinars, presentations and trainings at selected industry events and by having stand presence at the Greenbuild 2016, the world’s and North America’s leading green building exhibition. Furthermore, the new website was created.

WP5 – Project management
The management of the first period of OneClickLCA SMEI was smooth, natural and ran inevitable. All involved persons worked closely together for the same purpose.
Regarding to the everyday management the whole team had regular, mostly face-to face communication with each other. The project manager kept an eye on the work plan and timing of activities. As soon as there was any input needed from others to go on, this information has been asked and provided in all cases. Also planned periodic reporting enabled the coordinator to keep track of the administrative matters and to overcome the possible obstacles and do the plans for the upcoming months.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

We cannot quantify any socio-economic impacts so soon after kicking off the project.
One Click LCA technology has progressed to a state where it enables fully or nearly fully automatic LCA to be assessed from heterogeneous, imperfect datasets while complying with several international standards. In itself, this seems to provide an opportunity for patent protection application for the United States. Current practice of patenting in the EPO is in practise not allowing for software patents.

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