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AQUAWARN — Result In Brief

Project ID: 605937
Funded under: FP7-SME
Country: Ireland
Domain: Aquatic resources, Environment

Better water quality monitoring for cheaper

An EU-funded consortium utilised state of the art microfluidic and detection technologies and developed a portable early warning pollution device to improve water quality.
Better water quality monitoring for cheaper
The aim of the AQUAWARN (Deployable early warning pollution device for application in water) project was to develop and test a novel, comprehensive water monitoring technology that is economically viable for widespread use in water management and protection applications. The technology detects pollution in freshwater and wastewater using microfluidic technology to measure parameters such as phosphate, nitrite, nitrate and pH.

Project partners developed a deployable monitoring device based on microfluidic colorimetric and fluorometric analysers using low cost light emitting diodes (LEDs) and photodiode detection. Scientists used ultra-small volumes by employing stopped flow analysis in microfluidic chips to reduce reagent consumption and waste production to a few tens of microlitres per measurement.

The device also boasted a communication and data logging system for multiple water analyses. Other features included ultra-low energy consumption and in-situ automatic calibration together with low maintenance costs and wireless remote monitoring. The result was a low power platform capable of extended deployment in remote, off grid applications.

AQUAWARN created an easily transportable and deployable device that can cheaply monitor large volumes of water to provide high quality field data. This information can be used to identify pollution from agricultural sources or urban areas, or detect when waste water treatment is not functioning effectively.

The device is suitable for daily on-site use by government agencies responsible for enforcing environmental legislation and operators of wastewater treatment plants. It can also be used by the food sector, health sector or any industry that creates discharges into water.

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Water quality, microfluidic, AQUAWARN, colorimetric, fluorometric
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