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King of App Report Summary

Project ID: 726743

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - King of App (Launching the First Open Source Mobile Content Management System for Apps)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-01-31

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

Currently companies also profit from offering their apps for free as apps can boost their revenue by establishing a direct connection with their customers. However, developing an app is neither easy nor cheap. Deep technology understanding and skills are needed, as well as substantial budgets. Whilst everyone was eager to create their own web pages when they first emerged, today, even experienced web developers shy away from creating mobile apps.
The average cost for mobile app development is almost $6,500, with programming costs ranging from $3,000 for small apps to $150,000 for more complex or recognized brand apps. Therefore, commissioning the development of a mobile app is extremely costly. There are a few initial attempts to solve the cost problem, but these solutions do not allow for any customizations and modifications by any programmers that know how to build websites. Consequently, there is a risk that all mobile apps created on a single platform are similar in look and feel, which defeats the purpose of differentiation through mobile app marketing. What we need is a CMS for mobile apps: we have identified the opportunity of developing a quick, easy and cheap way of building apps, suppressing the burdens that every player interested in creating them has encountered so far in the market.
The importance for society is to high because King of App is the first and only CMS for mobile apps, just as Wordpress is for websites. King of App allows users even with little coding experience to create mobile apps for iOS and Android in 9 simple steps: initial configuration, choose your theme, operating system application, configuring modules, configuring services, code editor, contract services, preview and pay. King of App follows the same business model as Wordpress and thereby prove ourselves in the market.
We follow a freemium business model with a) additional paid services for the developer community such as professional technical support, training, compilation and publication in distribution platforms and b) fees charged on a set of products and services offered in our marketplace. We believe that this business model will allow us to boost our company growth while creating new jobs, helping other SMEs to grow faster through the usage of mobile apps, which are not affordable presently. This will also allow for the creation of startups built on new mobile app ideas as well as mobile app development companies.
Our target market is composed by three groups:
1) Experienced web developers
2) Experienced web designers.
3) Less experienced users.

King of App objective is to upgrade the existing product to v2.0. The upgrade consists of creating additional functionalities and options, as well as accommodating further technologies such as ReactJS and JQuery Mobile and improving the user experience. The different objectives in which this scaling-up is being deployed are explained as follows. First, we aim at strengthening the Core Code in order to improve the core functionalities of the platform, and at implementing new features to facilitate the application development process. Second, we pursue the creation of a wide and attractive inventory of modules and themes, which will be nurtured with the implementation of a suggestion system. Third, we want to complement these products with an array of platform services that measure performance, monetize applications and gather information from user’s web pages.

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period covered by the report and main results achieved so far

This reporting period, comprised from August 2016 to January 2017, has been the period of improving the basics that existed in the first version of our software. The main fronts on which we have been working are focused mainly on the ease of use of our platform, products and services. In order to reach this goal: (1)we have designed tools that allow a more friendly use of King of App, (2)we have made possible the use of more frameworks and (3)we have developed an online code editor. Related to this, we want to empower those users who do not have high-technical knowledge by adapting our platform to their needs and level of skills. Therefore, we have been working on making possible the existence of push notifications, the access to CMS, analytics, mobile commerce tools, in-app ads and a web scraping module.
Regarding our commercialization and communication efforts, we have focused on building awareness about our product in the industry and between the general public. In doing so, we have deployed efforts oriented to contacting and communicating with potential partners, freelancers, influencers and marketing agencies. We also have increased our presence in social networks, by incorporating several marketing specialists within our company. In addition, attending events and networking sessions with peers and other professionals of the sector has been a fundamental move in our commercialization and communication strategy.
Concerning project and knowledge management, significant improvements have been made in regard to IP identification and protection. New methodologies have been implemented in the way our company works, and especially the way in which processes are executed. The scrum methodology has proven to be critical, particularly within our developer’s team. This method has allowed us to avoid and prevent many risks: under scrum, a continuous assessment of tasks, incidents and errors is made. Therefore, all of them have been addressed on time. With regard to knowledge, the legal framework of our valuable intellectual assets has been outlined and many actions towards its real implementation have been executed.

Progress beyond the state of the art and expected potential impact (including the socio-economic impact and the wider societal implications of the project so far)

There is no other open source system available nowadays. Therefore, the scope and goals of this project are focused on challenging the way things are done within the industry of mobile apps. In this context, we are currently working on improvements upon the beta and testing versions that we developed in the past.
Accordingly, in this reporting period we have been working on tasks based upon the state of the art that existed at the beginning. We are developing prototypes and deploying testing activities. Thus, the boundaries of the previous technology have not been surpassed yet.
Our progresses within this technology are being executed in a growing industry, where worldwide mobile app revenues are expected to increase sharply in the upcoming years (from $69.7 billion dollars in 2015 to $188.9 forecasted for 20201). In addition, the forecasts announced by Gartner also show a significant increase in the number of downloaded apps in the following years, either for free or paid2. Anticipating to these trends, King of App is developing and introducing in the market a new array of tools and solutions that developers and designers will be able to leverage so as to keep pace with the mobile industry.
1. Source: These figures account for the revenues from selling apps in an app store and from in-app advertising.
2. Source:

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