Wspólnotowy Serwis Informacyjny Badan i Rozwoju - CORDIS

Research and training in large scale combustion

The combustion and laser diagnostic group has a range of both industrial and academic experiences to support research, development and training in the field of energy, combustion and the environment. The group is part of the Welsh Development Agency's Energy Centre for Wales. It is also a member of the EUROFLAM, which is the consortium of large scale facilities in the field of energy, combustion and environment.

The Cardiff installations consists of a range of rigs up to 2 MWt that cater for biomass, solid, liquid and gaseous fuel consumption using a range of combustion techniques such as swirl, cyclonic and sprays. Novel fuels can be catered for, as well as processes such as gasification and pyrolysis applications. Advanced laser diagnostic instrumentation such as 2D/3D LDA, PIV and 2D PDA systems can be used on the research rigs. Species analysis can be undertaken using both on-line and off-line equipment.


Nicholas SYRED, (Director of Facilities)
Tel.: +44-1222-874318
Faks: +44-1222-874317
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