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MENELAS: access system for medical records using natural language

In existing hospital information systems the most relevant information is stored in narrative form in patient discharge summaries (PDS). MENELAS is concerned with the treatment of free text, written in natural language, in order to have it easily retrieved, coded, translated, matched and use for any type of clinical purpose, from follow up of treatment to statistical and epidemiologic applications. The major achievements of MENELAS are the realisation of its 2 functional systems, the indexing system (in French, English and Dutch) and the consultation system. The function of the indexing system is to encode free text PDSs into both an internal representation (a set of conceptual structures) and international nomenclature codes.

A set of components, tools, knowledge bases and methods produced by the project include: language analysis components for French, English and Dutch; an index generator component parameterised for ICD-9-CM; information retrieval components; linguistic knowledge bases; medical knowledge bases; a methodology for developing ontologies; and system administrator tools.


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