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Intensification of batch chemical processes using integrated chemical reactors and heat exchangers

Traditionally, the majority of industrial chemical reactions are performed in batch mode, i.e. in stirred tank reactors. This project has contributed in the development of continuous integrated chemical reactor heat exchangers (HEX Reactors) which offer considerable benefits over conventional processes.

In industry, the majority of chemical reactions are carried out in batch mode, i.e. in stirred tank reactors. These have a significant number of drawbacks including non-homogeneous mixing intensities, wide residence time distributions and poor heat transfer capabilities. The aim of this project is to assist in the intensification of batch chemical processes by contributing to the development of continuous integrated chemical reactors and heat exchangers. It is anticipated that their use will result in considerable benefits through energy efficiency, improved safety, better process selectivity and reduced investment cost. Guidelines have been developed for the design of integrated reactor-heat exchangers for exothermic, single liquid phase reactions. In addition, recommendations have been made for the design of experiments and mathematical models of gas/liquid solid/liquid reactions integrated with heat exchangers.


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