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Biomass integrated gas turbine operation efficiency

The aims of the BIGTOE project were to determine, through the use of small-scale experimentation and mathematical simulation, the operating limits of a small, possibly mobile, self-contained integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) unit capable of operating efficiently and cleanly on a localised supply of biomass. The results will prove useful for operators of biomass and CHP plants in helping to optimise energy outputs and minimise environmental impacts.

The chemical reactions that occur in the gasifier within this combined cycle are relatively simple. In the first of two steps, the biomass is thermally decomposed with air or oxygen, and injected into the gasifier to provide the necessary heat. The product is a gas of low calorific value and a solid semi-coke residue. To further enhance the overall calorific value, the solid is then gasified with steam to produce CO and hydrogen. The process maximises gas output and minimises solid residue. The project aimed to establish the optimum conditions under which a gasifier fed with biomass can be operated to produce gases of sufficiently high quality for combustion and maximise power output.


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