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Aerodynamic noise from wind turbines and rotor blade modification

Noise radiation from rotor blades is one of the most significant issues facing turbine manufacturers. This issue is currently limiting the exploitation of the European wind energy resource as it precludes the establishment of turbines near to populated areas. The model developed in this project represents a significant move forward in the development of quiet turbines by enabling blade designers to take aerodynamic noise into consideration when designing wind turbine rotors.

Noise from wind turbines is a significant limiting factor in the development of wind energy as it may cause strong public resistance to turbine development near to residential areas. Reducing noise can significantly improve turbine acceptance by the public and is thus an area of extensive investigation. The noise from wind turbines can be separated into two areas: mechanical noise from the machinery components and aerodynamic noise from the rotor. The aim of this project was to improve understanding aerodynamic of noise radiation from wind turbines and produce an operational model for the aerodynamic noise enabling aerodynamic designers and manufacturers to calculate the blade noise and take noise aspects into account as a key parameter when designing wind turbine rotors.


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