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Research and development of a seismic imaging system

The aim of this project was the development of a downhole seismic imaging system, which could accurately record borehole wall motion at high frequencies, free of system resonance and distortion. The specific objective of the project was to demonstrate that it is possible to develop a successful demonstration tool by combining and further developing the existing technologies of the two project partners: CSM Associates (United Kingdom) and DMT (Germany).

Downhole seismic imaging is a fundamental technique used to determine the subsurface geology and structural geology of a region. However, the technologies used to carry out these surveys have in most cases not been greatly adapted over the last two decades. As society places ever greater demands on our natural resources, so the industries extracting these resources must find new methods of more efficiently exploiting them. By making improvements to the design of geophysical tools, an extremely cheap and cost-effective solution to this problem can be found. Without European funding of this project, it is unlikely that the two companies involved would have been able to support such a research project.


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