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Microbial Biodiversity

The biodiversity of the prokaryotes in the rhizosphere of Z. noltii was studied in detail by application of molecular techniques. A 16-S RNA clone library was constructed from 16 S RNA isolated and amplified from the 1 to 2 cm depth layer (Cifuentes et al. a, Extended Report, Vol. I, p. 49-). The library is composed of 57 bacterial sequences of which 54 were unique. The most abundant group are the delta-Proteobacteria and comprise sequences related to sulphate reducers (40 % of total bacterial sequences). This is a very high percentage showing the quantitative importance of sulphate reducers in this environment. However, none of the extracted sequences from the natural environment corresponded to sequences of sulphate reducers isolated from this environment by classical cultivation techniques (Cifuentes et al. a,b, Extended Report, Vol. I, p. 49 and Vol. II, p. 531).

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