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Non-LTE radiation of the infra-red bands of CO2 in atmospheres of earth, Mars and Venus

The main results of the project are:

A new computer program package for the solution of the non-LTE radiative transfer in the infra-red molecular bands in planetary atmospheres that was developed in framework of the project was significantly modernised to allow treatment of arbitrary number of molecular species with accounting for the line overlapping and overlapping of lines with continua.

Extensive calculations of the non-LTE populations of CO2 molecular levels, limb radiances and radiative cooling/heating rates in the middle Earth's atmosphere were performed.

The effects of the non-LTE in CO2 on the limb radiances at tangent heights of 10-70 km in a large number of spectral-windows selected for the pressure-temperature retrieval in the MIPAS space experiment was evaluated.

A comprehensive study of algorithms for retrievals of atmospheric parameters from the high spectral resolution infra-red limb radiance measurements with accounting for the vibrational non-LTE of molecules was performed.

A new experimental value of the CO2 (010) quenching rate by collisions with atomic oxygen for temperatures around 200 K was received.

Significant modernisation of the experimental equipment for studying the CO2 kinetics in supersonic flows has been carried out in order to improve the sensitivity, expand the spectral range and computerise recording and processing of data.

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Universität München
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