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Improved properties of AWIJs by miniaturisation (cutting width, cutting precision, cutting quality, cutting efficiency, special materials)

The properties of AWIJs have been improved significantly. The cutting width was reduced below 0.3mm, which minimises the lost material during the cut. The reduction of jet diameter allows cutting finer contours, which opens application fields of precision cutting. Due to the use of fine abrasive material also the cutting quality has been improved. The cutting efficiency referring to the consumption of abrasive material, energy and water could be increased significantly. The range of materials to be cut is practically not limited. These improvements obtained by this project will open new application fields for AWIJs in machining valuable materials, precision and fine cutting, in processing sensitive materials and in all applications of conventional AWIJs. The end users of AWIJs will benefit directly on the increased application fields and the improvements, the equipment manufacturers indirectly due to the increase of the AWIJ market.


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