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CYBERMOVE Report Summary

Project ID: EVK4-CT-2001-00051
Funded under: FP5-EESD
Country: France

RobuCAB - RobuRIDE product line: automatic vehicles for transportation of people over short distances in taxi and shuttle modes

Imagine you're in one of the following situations:

- You're a business woman/man, on the way to leave your hotel in the middle of a big European capital, to visit "company", a large customer potential of yours, whose premises are in a vast technological park. You are short in time and this is an important appointment you could not miss. The technological park is only a few metro stops away from your hotel. But once in there? You do not want to wonder around hundred similar buildings, walking on foot over 2Km or so and asking people left and right for directions... You neither wish to consider a TAXI from your hotel: the traffic in the city center is stack and you can see it from your window!
No worries. You choose for the simplest, the metro for instance. Meanwhile, you log-on on your wap or I-mode terminal and dial Then you identify yourself, enter your location, the time of your meeting and the company address: the system tells you when your robuCAB shall be waiting for you, possibly at the campus entrance or very close to it.
And that's true. When you arrive at the campus entrance, your robuCAB is there, waiting for you and you only. You just comfortably sit in, identify yourself and relax. You're safely transported to your important meeting. Should you have to check some important information on the Web before your meeting, the on-board colour LCD touch screen brings the information at your fingertips. By the way, you are stress-free and safely taken at your meeting on time!

- You are really happy to come to this cultural park with your family: you have planned to come for such a long time! But here you are, and today you really want to have a nice and fruitful experience of everything, and to finally understand a lot about the local culture.
But this is a challenge: the park is so vast, the animations so numerous! How will you manage to have an exhaustive visit, with little John just starting to walk and Kathy always so curious of everything?
This is were robuRIDE automatic shuttles come into action. You just choose the kind of tour you want: of course, you want the most exhaustive one! Do not worry about the schedule: the system recommends you the best route to experience all animations, dynamically optimised to make you have a full visit and no long queues.
Furthermore, when using the recommended robuRIDES for going from a cultural point to the next one, you are surprised that the robuRIDE makes you arrive at the exact time where the multimedia animation begins! How do they do that? You never waited for any shuttle, you even took all your time to satisfy John's hungry, and Kathy spent a lot of time in the library... No matter, just enjoy the visit!

This is not science-fiction but the result of innovation. Part of the scenarios described above has become true last year. The robuCAB - robuRIDE product line is the ROBOSOFT offering in the area of automatic transportation of people. It intends to provide customized versions of automatic vehicles for various usages within protected sites, such as industrial and academic campus, amusement, theme and holiday parks, cultural sites and museums, airports and train stations, pedestrian city centres, hospitals, retirement and rehabilitation centres, etc.

Among the product line, the robuCAB products apply for taxi type of applications (individual transportation on demand) and the robuRIDE products apply for shuttle type of applications (collective transportation with fixed routes and schedules.)

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