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Project ID: QLK6-CT-1999-02024
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Kraj: Ireland

A method to measure the mechanical properties of one trabeculae

In order to assess the mechanical properties and fatigue behaviour of single trabeculae, a micro-tensile/fatigue testing apparatus has been developed that minimizes errors due to misalignment and stress concentrations at the grips. A method for calculating strain in the specimen has been developed involving solid modelling and finite element analyses at micro-resolutions. We use the method to test the hypothesis that the strength of single trabeculae will differ for normal, ovariectomised, and drug treated rat bones over the course of ageing.

By measuring the tensile strength of individual trabeculae, we have found that the bone tissue of trabeculae is significantly stronger in osteoporotic bone compared to normal, and that Tibolone treatment normalizes the strength to normal levels. These differences may be an effect of inhibiting bone resorption during drug treatment and or due to a change in the material properties of osteoporotic bone tissue in order to compensate for bone loss.


Grace DEMPSEY, (Head of Unit)
Tel.: +353-1-6081000
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