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Project ID: IST-1999-11746
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: Poland

Advanced infrastructure for pan-European collaborative engineering: Tool registration and management Services

The goal of the Advanced Infrastructure for Pan-European Collaborative Engineering (E-COLLEG) project was to provide a new paradigm platform for distributed collaborative engineering through the definition and implementation of an advanced infrastructure for collaborative engineering.

TRMS – Tool Registration and Management Services enable distance-spanning tool integration. Once registered, tools provide their service for distributed design teams. Advanced service discovery technologies connect to the most appropriate service with respect to optimal availability within the current configuration of the virtual engineering network.

Once registered, tools provide their services to distributed engineers. Advanced service discovery methods are used to connect to the most appropriate service with respect to optimal availability within the current configuration of the virtual engineering network. TRMS guarantees secure data transfer with authentication and authorisation of users, as well as it includes security management mechanisms that allow administrator to monitor users' activity and to execute a proper security policy.

TRMS allows design teams to make their resources available to the others. It is thus intended for distributed engineer groups collaborating on the same project and using shared tools.

TRMS enables to use tools that have been installed in geographically dispersed locations. Built-in mechanisms make tool registration very easy. Also tool invocation is straightforward. TRMS provides a user with a comfortable interface - the TRMS Client for looking for a required tool. It makes user’s work more efficient and saves his/her time.

Only tools pre-registered in the system may be searched for. Registered tools are configured for integration due to automatically generated XML-based interfaces. Of course, one needs rights to use a particular tool. Management of users and their multilevel privileges is a strong asset of the system.

Cryptography techniques and digital signature technology protect project data on their way through the network, as well as protect access to the system. Advanced Network Transport Service (ANTS) enable exchange of project data through existing firewall systems without reconfiguration.

TRMS has its own simple workflow management systems that simplify management of tasks realised by a distributed engineering environment.

More information on the SMADA project can be found on the project’s website:

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