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Project ID: IST-2000-28293
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-IST
Paese: Greece

Knowledge distribution agent

The Knowledge Distribution Agent (KDA) component is in charge of propagating changes occurring to the corporate memory across all of the domain members.

These changes can be:
- Addition of documents to the corporate repository,
- Updates to the information stored in specific instances (e.g. projects)
- Deletion of data.

To prevent information flooding of system users, the KDA applies complex, user-defined interest filters, from which it deducts the final list of interested users.
The KDA is a highly distributed multi-agent system, composed of different types of agents with different roles. These agents are physically distributed and deployed across the enterprise domain. It implements knowledge propagation within the organization implementing dynamic knowledge filters, notifying users of updates that are only interesting to them in real-time. The KDA is completely user-oriented in its scope as well as design and implementation.

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