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Modulation of the immune system of larval fish against infectious diseases by vaccination

- Carp:
No experiments done.

- Atlantic cod:
With few exceptions, cod does not appear to produce specific antibody response on challenge or vaccination/injection.

- Spotted wolfish:
A histopathological study has been performed on fish experimentally challenged with atypical A. salmonicida. In addition, mucosal uptake of antigens (vaccine) have been examined but no conclusive results have been reached. Immersion vaccination did not lead to increased survival of wolffish after experimental atypical A. salmonicida challenge. The reason may be due to vaccine potency.

- Atlantic halibut and sea bass:
Several attempts were made to vaccinate the sea bass and halibut larvae. No vaccination experiments were successful. However, several challenge protocols were developed using several fish bacterial species and strains.


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