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Development of a prototype testkit for detection of gluten and gluten-like epitopes in food

The aim of this part of the project was to develop a sensitive method to detect T cell stimulatory epitopes of the N-gliadin and x-gliadin molecules in food products. For this purpose nonoclonal antibodies (mAb) were raised against peptides encoding the T cell stimulatory epitopes of N-gliadin (aminoacids, aa 59-71), and x-gliadin (aa 142-153 and aa 147-159). With these mAb competition assays were developed that quantitatively detected gluten derived T cell stimulatory epitopes present on both intact proteins and peptides of sizes recognizable by CD4+ T cells.

Moreover, the presence of T cell stimulatory epitopes could also be detected in preparations of barley, rye and triticale, other cereals known to be toxic for coeliac disease patients. This method can now be used to further ensure the safety of food consumed by patients with coeliac disease.

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