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Project ID: G3RD-CT-1999-00001
Financé au titre de: FP5-GROWTH
Pays: Germany

Injection system APCRS (Hardware)

The APCRS is a common rail based injection system. It was designed, optimised for the project and procured by Robert Bosch GmbH. For each cylinder it consists of an amplifier piston module and a common rail injector.

A high pressure pump delivers fuel to the rail and then to the amplifier piston modules.

Each amplifier piston module increases the pressure according to the geometric amplification ratio and is connected to the injector via a high pressure pipe.

An ECU controls the timing of the actuators for amplifier piston module and injector. For multi cylinder engines one ECU can control up to three cylinders.

The principle demonstrated by such a system can be applied to diesel engines of medium to heavy types for various purposes (transport, industrial, marine electrical generating sets).

Main technical features of the system are the very high injection pressure, the capability to perform main injection rate shaping and the ability to perform up to five injections per combustion cycle.

These features are necessary to optimise combustion for emission reduction and fuel consumption control.

Possible clients are diesel engines OEM Companies.

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