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Project ID: EVG1-CT-1999-00002
Funded under: FP5-EESD
Country: Italy

Identification of paleoearthquakes in trenches on the Helike and Aigion faults scarps

Paleo-seismological trenches have been opened and road cuts have been studied at different locations along the Elike and Aigion faults. Trenches from previous studies have been re-analysed too. Dendro-chronologically corrected radiocarbon ages (a list of which is contained in the Database) are used to constrain the timing of the recognised paleo-earthquakes.

The obtained results are:
- East Eliki fault: Most recent earthquake 1861, penultimate 980-1260, previous 100BC-100AD, slip per event 0.6-2.4m, vertical slip rate 1.3-4.6mm/yr.
- West Eliki fault: At least two events during Holocene, slip per event >0.4m.
- Aigion fault: Two, possibly three events between 1800 and 1160 AD, slip per event 0.4-0.7m, vertical slip rate 0.9-4.9mm/yr.

The study of abrupt subsidence events, (possibly triggered by co-seismic subsidence) in the Eliki plain suggest evidence for one event in the 5th-6th century besides the 373BC historical event. These events would be attributed to the West Eliki fault.


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