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AESOP Informe resumido

Project ID: ENK6-CT-2000-00096
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: Spain

Database of laboratory analysis

This result is a database containing the results of the laboratory analysis performed during the project. The database includes the results of all the experiments carried out by CLH, CRF and CSL. The information is easily accessed and graphical tools are available.

The database includes:
- Laboratory tests for polymer shearing.
- Engine exhaust gas tests.
- Intake valves deposits tests.
- Combustion chamber deposit tests.
- Piston tops deposits tests.
- Low emission heavy duty diesel test.
- Innocuity test of an additive fuel burned in a boiler.

The database is linked to the oil pipeline experiments database and is easily accessible to partners, due to its Internet capabilities.

Reported by

Asociacion para la investigacion y cooperacion industrial de andalucia (AICIA)
Camino de los descubrimientos s/n
419902 Sevilla
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