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NICE Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: IST-1999-29111
Gefördert unter: FP5-IST
Land: Sweden

Endohedral metallo-C60 material

A low energy ion implantation method was further developed for the production of endohedral metallo-fullerenes. Endohedral alkali-C60 and Al-C60 material was produced. The optimum implantation energy and dosage was determined for Li, K and Na implantation. The results of the optimisation were distributed to the project partners and published in the open literature.

The method is unique in its ability to produce relatively large amounts of alkali containing C60. The Li@C60 material and some higher alkali materials were distributed to the project partners.

For comparison, La@C82 was obtained from Japanese colleagues and its stability and optimised handling methods were determined. The results of these studies and the material were distributed to the project partners. The results were partially published in the open literature.

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Reported by

Göteborg University
School of Physics and Engineering Physics, Gothenburg University
41296 Göteborg
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