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SEWING Résumé de rapport

Project ID: IST-2000-28084
Financé au titre de: FP5-IST
Pays: Italy

System for European water monitoring - Assembling selected elements of the project in one final prototype

The final prototype is divided into five main sections:
- Hydraulics, mounted on the front side of the internal slid;

- Sensors mounted in dedicated flow cell, placed on the right side of the internal slid;

- Electronics and actuators, mounted on the right side of the internal slid;

- Internal reagents compartment, accessible from the upper side of the unit;

- Display and keyboard and printer, mounted on the front panel, which is, can be opened to access the hydraulics and the electronics.

The external compartment is IP-55 proof and the unit is designed to be used as a portable and on-line field system, easily powered by an external 12Vdc power supply.

The unit is equipped with a standard RS-232 serial port to manage the analyser using a local or a remote device, like a PC or a data-logger.

The LFA (Loop Flow Analysis) technology is able to manage automatically a complete measuring sequence using the patented Loop Flow Reactor (LFR) analytical technology. The LFA unit contains as main parts the sensors, the conditioning part electronics and the main processing subsystem.

The final prototype integrates:
- Up to n.7 Chemfet sensors + Ag/AgCl reference electrode + temperature sensor integrated in a dedicated linear flow-cell or two linear flow-cells connected in series (one for BSC and one for FSC sensors).

- The specific A/D acquisition boards developed under the project to manage and read the signals from Chemfets and temperature sensor.

It automatically manages the measurement sequence under the specific procedures used by LFA based units and the new computation software developed by SEWING partners.

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