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INVISIP Informe resumido

Project ID: IST-2000-29640
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-IST
País: Germany

Metadata browser

Metadata browser is a core element of the INVISIP (Information visualisation for site planning) and it supports different parties in the site planning process. The metadata browser enables users to locate appropriate geographic data and uses therefore information visualisation and information retrieval techniques.

This main result consists of several components, which were developed by FHG-IGD and UKON. Information visualisation approaches, methods and components offer new techniques to the user whereas information retrieval techniques provide search mechanisms for Metadata based on ISO 19115.

More information on the INVISIP project can be found at:

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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft -Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (FHG-IGD)
Rundeturmstraße 6
64283 Darmstadt
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