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Project ID: IST-2001-33093
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-IST
Paese: Greece

Prototype composite radio testbed and related traffic-generation tools

Prototype composite radio testbed and related traffic-generation tools is the ensemble of hardware, software, architecture description and user’s manuals allowing to set up experiments in the CREDO context.

Prototype implementations of the various project components have been developed and integrated into a composite radio testbed, consisting of a GSM/GPRS segment (part of a commercial cellular network), an IEEE802.11b-based Wireless LAN, and a DVB-T segment.

An IPv4 fixed network backbone interconnects the wireless networks together and with the Internet. Furthermore, the testbed incorporates components for Mobile IP functionality, towards enabling vertical handovers. The Mobile IP components have been enhanced to allow proper functionality with NAT-based systems (e.g., GPRS networks) and with unidirectional systems (like DVB-T).

Additionally, the testbed features:
- A prototype implementation of the Network and Service Management System (NSMS, see the corresponding result) for the joint management of the wireless networks.

- Prototype wireless terminals, capable for multiple radio access and equipped with the Terminal Station Management System (TSMS, see the corresponding result) that allows intelligent exploitation of the terminals’ multi-modality. The TSMS module on each terminal interacts with NSMS through the CREDO TSMS-NSMS Protocol /Network Access Coordination Protocol (CTNP/NACP, see the relevant result). The terminals are equipped with service client software, which interacts with TSMS by means of the API named CREDO-Applications TSMS Protocol (CATP, see the relevant result).

- Facilities for generating IP traffic of a configurable magnitude and profile and facilities for selective packet capturing and traffic monitoring.

The testbed has been used in public technology demonstrations and in validation/evaluation experiments, according to pre-specified experiment scenarios. It is available as a tool for further study/exploitation (jointly or severally) of the various technical solutions it employs and for further examination of the potential that can be achieved through the composite radio concept.

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